child custody, placement, support or welfareChild custody, placement, support or welfare, see Family — Support
child laborChild labor
Athletic events with participants under 14 years old: employing minors 12 and 13 years old as officials  -  Act 164
Child labor laws re proof of age for work permit: driver's license or DOT issued ID card acceptable -  Act 132
Income earned by dependent child not considered re W-2 eligibility [Sec. 1226v] -  Act 9
Alcohol and other drug testing of minors [Sec. 1573g, 9323 (13z), 9423 (12z)] -  Act 9
Background investigation of current employes of certain facilities providing care for children or adults: effective date extended -  Act 8
DHFS revisions: health premiums of certain persons with HIV; informal conferences for contested cases involving care facilities; MA reimbursement for hospitals; excess revenue retained by nonprofit rate-based service providers; CBRF B and specific fiscal year references re certain mental health and social service programs eliminated; statement of parents' financial information for juvenile dispositional order; licensing a foster home in another county; kinship care child eligible for other assistance (remedial legislation) -  Act 103
Foster home: number of children limited [Sec. 1130, 1148, 3115] -  Act 9
Immunizations for children: health insurance policy coverage required -  Act 115
Indirect child care funding, licensing and programs for foster parents in Milwaukee county [Sec. 1211d, 1245d-1248]  -  Act 9
Managed care for children in out-of-home care in Milwaukee county: DHFS to develop pilot program to address needs of; federal waiver provision [Sec. 9123 (13c)]  -  Act 9
Prisoner access to financial information, SSN or identity of a minor re data entry or telemarketing: Corr.Dept contracts restricted [Sec. 2689, 9311 (1)] [2689 — partial veto] -  Act 9
SSI supplemental payment for dependent children; SSI caretaker supplement eligibility re grandchild [Sec. 1483t-1484c, 9123 (13e), 9423 (6)] [1484b — partial veto; 1483t-zb, 1484c — vetoed] -  Act 9
TANF allocations re programs and support for low-income children and youth revised [Sec. 466, 474, 475, 1213, 1277, 1360, 9157 (1)] [466 — partial veto]  -  Act 9
Uniform foster care rates [Sec. 1148g, 9423 (10v)] -  Act 9
Brighter futures initiative and tribal adolescent services [Sec. 395, 396, 397m, 652, 1094, 1108, 1122-1123p, 1124g-k, 1125g-1126, 1128d-t, 1129g-r, 1573, 9423 (4w)] [397m — partial veto] -  Act 9
CASA program: recognition authority revised, memorandum of understanding; juvenile court, reporting child abuse or neglect, confidentiality and civil liability immunity provisions  -  Act 149
Child abuse and neglect determinations: appeal procedures established, disclosure of certain information to general public in fatality or near fatality cases and child abuse citizen review panel access to certain confidential records  -  Act 192
Child abuse and neglect report disclosure; consent decrees [Sec. 1131h, 1195m, 9309 (6g), 9323 (14g)] [9309 (6g) — vetoed] -  Act 9
Child abuse and neglect reports: disclosure to certain departments and persons for investigation of or providing services re correctional community placement -  Act 20
Children first funding revision [Sec. 1359] -  Act 9
``Children first" vehicle registration plates renamed ``celebrate children"; use of moneys and forwarding of special application fee [Sec. 369d, 1199d, 1200d, 2726v, 2729] [2726v — vetoed] -  Act 9
Domestic or child abuse victims: certain insurance coverage practices prohibited and written reason for denial provision -  Act 95
Harassment, child abuse or vulnerable adult temporary restraining order or injunction: person required to pay court fees revised -  Act 71
Sexual exploitation of a child re photographs, recordings and reproductions: knowledge of child's age revised; defense provisions -  Act 3
children _ adoptionChildren — Adoption
Adoption placements and permanency planning re special needs children; contracting with private adoption agencies [Sec. 391g, 399g, 1131g-s, 1148m, p, 1159d-1160g, 1189p, 1192g-m, 3044j, 3197j, 9123 (12g), (12h)] [1131g-gt, k-m, r, s, 1148m, p, 1160d, g, 1189p, 1192g-m, 3044j, 3197j, 9123 (12g), (12h) — vetoed] -  Act 9
Child abuse and neglect report disclosure; consent decrees [Sec. 1131h, 1195m, 9309 (6g), 9323 (14g)] [9309 (6g) — vetoed] -  Act 9
Relative by adoption: certain definitions and statute references revised to include -  Act 162
State adoption center funding [Sec. 392, 1135-1139, 1191, 1192, 2043] -  Act 9
TPR or adoption actions: exemption from court filing fees [Sec. 3095n, p, 9309 (1w), (1x)] -  Act 9
Badger care program expanded to cover any eligible child under age 19; DHFS authorized to adjust income level; outreach mailing for certain families [Sec. 1465-1476, 1476f] [1476f — vetoed] -  Act 9
Caregiver background checks: coverage revised [Sec. 1151d, 1159d-r, 1160e-f, 1160gm-1180h, 1189r, 1521c-d, e-zr, 2124vm, 3171m, 3261dfb, dfc, 3262g, 9111 (4xx), 9423 (12xx)] [9111 (4xx) — partial veto]  -  Act 9
CHIPS and juveniles in need of protection: SPD representation [Sec. 1130m, p-x, 1131gm, 3130m, 3131m, 3142g-p, 3143m, 3148m, 9358 (4cs), (4ct)] [3142p, 9358 (4cs), (4ct) — partial veto; all other sections (except 1130x) vetoed]  -  Act 9
Community aids re supportive living and children and family services [Sec. 1018, 1025] -  Act 9
Custody and physical placement in actions affecting the family [Sec. 645L, 1617r, 2002c, 2124vr, 3025p, 3044L, 3051n-r, 3054c-de, df-dn, 3055c, 3061c-ch, 3065c-cj, ck-di, 3085c, d, 3087c, 3197c, 9357 (9yo), 9457 (7yo)] [3054cg, ch, de, 9357 (9yo), 9457 (7yo) — partial veto; 3054cs, cw, 3065cq — vetoed] -  Act 9
Custody and physical placement study: family court counseling service fee increased [Sec. 3096m, 9309 (3t)] [vetoed]  -  AB-133
Guardian ad litem system: JLC to study [Sec. 9157 (4y)] -  Act 9
Milwaukee child welfare administration: JCA may request LAB audit [Sec. 9131 (1t)] -  Act 9
Services for children and families: funding re sales and use taxes collected by out-of-state direct marketers [Sec. 390d, 1104g, 1815g] -  Act 9
Statewide automated child welfare information system created; DHFS recovery of funds re county noncompliance of implementation [Sec. 996, 1023, 1091d, 9423 (3)]  -  Act 9
TPR of parent for solicitation to commit homicide of other parent [Sec. 1131n, 9109 (2g)] -  Act 9
TPR or adoption actions: exemption from court filing fees [Sec. 3095n, p, 9309 (1w), (1x)] -  Act 9
Visitation or physical placement of child with parent or other person convicted of intentional homicide of parent prohibited [Sec. 1130n, no, 1131h-ir, p-pp, 1192p, r, 3054dem-det, 3064cjm, 3111g-p, 3130p, r, 3153p, r, 3163k, m, 3165k, 9309 (4t)] -  Act 9
children _ special educationChildren — Special education
Charter schools established by certain Milwaukee entities: eligibility for special education aid; duties of certain operators specified; State superintendent may audit and adjust costs [Sec. 2055m, 2058, 2061, 2062, 2751m, 9339 (4)]  -  Act 9
Handicapped education and programs for school age parents: state aid revisions [Sec. 254, 2057, 2059, 2060, 2063-2065, 2070, 9339 (4)] -  Act 9
Parent of child with a disability: definition revised re special education -  Act 116
Special education: eligible ages revised -  Act 161
Special education reimbursement [Sec. 2061e-s] -  Act 9
Tuition waiver re pupil attending public school outside district of residence; open enrollment, kindergarten and disabled children provisions -  Act 117
chippewa countyChippewa county
Civil air patrol: purchase of infrared optical equipment by Chippewa county agency to search for lost individuals [Sec. 2301m] [vetoed] -  AB-133
COP funding for recipients in CBRFs; pilot program in Chippewa county [Sec. 1045d, k, 1048m] [1048m — partial veto; 1045d — vetoed] -  Act 9
christmas treesChristmas trees, see Forestry
cigaretteCigarette, see also Tobacco
Cigarette or tobacco product sold or gifted to minors: investigation of compliance with prohibitions; survey provision [Sec. 2033p, 2165mr-p, 2353sm, 2485g-L, 3072g, 3176m-t] [2485j — partial veto] -  Act 9
Employment-related cancer diseases for municipal firefighters who smoke after January 1, 2001: exemption from presumption [Sec. 3111r] -  Act 9
Smoking in state capitol building and immediate vicinity prohibited; forfeiture provided -  Act 72
cigarette _ taxationCigarette — Taxation
Cigarette distributors: two percent stamping discount [Sec. 2171p, 9443 (8d)] [vetoed] -  AB-133
Tobacco products tax changed from occupational to excise tax; revision re cigarette and tobacco products taxes for Native American tribes [Sec. 610, 2171m, 2173-2182, 9343 (6), (7)] [2178, 2179 — partial veto] -  Act 9
cip _community integration program_CIP (Community integration program), see Medical assistance
circuit courtCircuit court, see also Juvenile court
Circuit court automated information system: use of penalty assessment fees for [Sec. 542f, 605g, h, 3050p, q, 9446 (2h)] -  Act 9
Circuit court support payments: amount available for [Sec. 3051m, mp, 9109 (2f)] -  Act 9
Circuit court use of forms adopted by the Judicial conference, 7/1/00 -  SCO
Court automation system and interpreter costs: appropriation revision [Sec. 605] -  Act 9
Harassment, child abuse or vulnerable adult temporary restraining order or injunction: person required to pay court fees revised -  Act 71
Judicial conference standard court forms, 1/1/00 -  SCO
Justice information system fee increased; portion to automation system [Sec. 517, 3099] -  Act 9
circus world museumCircus world museum, see Historical society
city of the 1st classCity of the 1st class, see Milwaukee — City
civil air patrolCivil air patrol, see Aviation
civil defenseCivil defense, see also Natural disaster
Interstate emergency management assistance compact created -  Act 26
Civil service law terminology changed re handicap (remedial legislation) -  Act 87