noticeNotice, see specific subject
nuclear wasteNuclear waste, see Radiation
nurseryNursery, see Forestry
Nurse licensure: interstate compact adopted -  Act 22
State documents distribution; reports re school district programs for school age parents and special transfer aids; supervision of school nurses and dentists and changing ``limited-English speaking" (remedial legislation) -  Act 19
Background checks on child, health or long-term care providers: fee provision [Sec. 445, 1181, 1522]  -  Act 9
Background investigation of current employes of certain facilities providing care for children or adults: effective date extended -  Act 8
BOALTC survey re physicians who voluntarily accept assignment for payment of medicare; release of information by representative of long-term care ombusman (remedial legislation) -  Act 86
CBRF admission: assessments of COP or other eligibility prior to admission [Sec. 1045, 1059, 1064, 1506, 9323 (3), 9423 (5)] [1045, 1059, 1064 — partial veto]  -  Act 9
COP funding for recipients in CBRFs; pilot program in Chippewa county [Sec. 1045d, k, 1048m] [1048m — partial veto; 1045d — vetoed] -  Act 9
DHFS revisions: health premiums of certain persons with HIV; informal conferences for contested cases involving care facilities; MA reimbursement for hospitals; excess revenue retained by nonprofit rate-based service providers; CBRF B and specific fiscal year references re certain mental health and social service programs eliminated; statement of parents' financial information for juvenile dispositional order; licensing a foster home in another county; kinship care child eligible for other assistance (remedial legislation) -  Act 103
Estate of MA recipient: DHFS recovery authority expanded [Sec. 653, 1049, 1050, 1053, 1444-1456, 1460, 1477, 1478, 1481, 9323 (11)] -  Act 9
Family care benefit program created; long-term care redesigned; federal waiver and pilot projects; advisory council created in DHFS; federal waiver re alternative to family care; DHFS report, LAB audit; financial assessments made voluntary; denial of care prohibited for refusal to submit to assessment [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Health and family services, Department of — Supportive living and treatment"] -  Act 9
MA payments to nursing homes; wage or salary and fringe benefits supplement [Sec. 1390b-1401, 1406, 9123 (9m)] [9123 (9m) — partial veto] -  Act 9
MA purchase plan for certain eligible persons created; eligibility and cap provisions; state share of MA payments; DHFS to request federal waiver [Sec. 1041m, 1042, 1361, 1440, 9123 (2), 9223 (1w)] -  Act 9
Nursing home bed utilization by MA recipients: DHFS report to JCF re MA appropriation accounts [Sec. 1409, 1410]  -  Act 9
Penalty assessments on nursing homes: DHFS may use for innovative resident protection projects [Sec. 442, 1462-1464] -  Act 9
Respite care: administration of life-span projects; evaluation and proposed legislation re integration with long-term care [Sec. 447d, 1121g] -  Act 9
Community-based hunger prevention grants program repealed; DHFS report; provision re processing venison from deer causing damage [Sec. 393, 722t, 730m, 784m, 785d, 1109, 1110, 9123 (7)] -  Act 9
Elderly nutrition programs: supplemental funding provided -  Act 52
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Sexual exploitation of a child re photographs, recordings and reproductions: knowledge of child's age revised; defense provisions -  Act 3
oconto countyOconto county
Major highway project enumeration: USH 41 in Oconto and Marinette counties added [Sec. 1819]  -  Act 9
Oconto county boat landing project funding; sunset provided [Sec. 9136 (9c)] -  Act 9
oil and oil inspectionOil and oil inspection, see Petroleum
BOALTC survey re physicians who voluntarily accept assignment for payment of medicare; release of information by representative of long-term care ombusman (remedial legislation) -  Act 86
on_track pari_mutuel bettingOn-track pari-mutuel betting, see Racing
operating while intoxicated _owi_Operating while intoxicated (OWI), see Drunken driving
organ donationOrgan donation, see Transplant
organization, miscellaneousOrganization, Miscellaneous, see also Charitable corporation
AIDS and HIV life care prevention grants funding; grant for African American AIDS task force of the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin, Inc. [Sec. 418g, 2432g-j]  -  Act 9
Alzheimer's disease training and information grants [Sec. 1115, 1116] -  Act 9
Blood bank vehicle of nonprofit organization: registration fee modified -  Act 159
Conservation reserve enhancement program and funding; grassland habitat provision; prohibition re use of land for game bird, deer, animal or fur farm [Sec. 183tm, 637e, 1933gm] [1933gm — partial veto] -  Act 9
Crime prevention organizations: procedures re court ordered contributions revised; prosecutor provision  -  Act 58
Disaster relief service provided by state employes affiliated with the American Red Cross: collective bargaining provision revised -  Act 101
Federal dairy reform: DATCP assistance extended [Sec. 182, 183, 1928, 1929, 9404 (1)] -  Act 9
Lake grant program changes; river grant program created; contracts with nonprofit organizations [Sec. 324g-325p, 2526-2551m] -  Act 9
Literacy improvement: free book program repealed [Sec. 11d, n, 51m, 511d, 516m, 517m, 3261g] -  Act 9
Manufacturing assistance grants program eliminated; manufacturing extension center grants program for technology-based nonprofit organizations created [Sec. 2979, 2984, 2986-2992, 2995, 2997] -  Act 9
Natural resource conservation: grant program to encourage private efforts; report required [Sec. 318o, 665rc-ri] [665rc, re — vetoed] -  Act 9
Nonprofit organization in urban area: assistance provided [Sec. 2931-2933] -  Act 9
Respite care: administration of life-span projects; evaluation and proposed legislation re integration with long-term care [Sec. 447d, 1121g] -  Act 9
Special distinguishing registration plates re Ducks unlimited, inc.; additional fee made a tax-deductible contribution; certain registration numbers reserved -  Act 92
Urban land conservation grants to nonstock, nonprofit corporation [Sec. 318r, 665rm] -  Act 9
Wisconsin trust account foundation funding [Sec. 1276f] -  Act 9
oshkosh, city ofOshkosh, City of
Sustainable urban development zone program created; brownfield provisions; pilot program for certain cities; transportation planning [Sec. 332e, m, 1684d, 1709c, 1719g, m, 1722bd, 1740c, 1743d, 1747m, 1748bm, 1749k, 1756h, 1760q, 2649h, 9150 (3v), 9343 (22c)] [2649h — partial veto; all other sections (except 332e) vetoed] -  Act 9
outagamie countyOutagamie county
Drainage board compliance with applicable laws; DATCP grant program created; drainage board activities; district structures and deposits; Duck creek drainage district provisions; sunset provided [Sec. 184, 785dd-dp, 792m, 802mg, mr, 867xu-xw, 1876m-1877p] -  Act 9
outdoor advertisingOutdoor advertising, see Billboard
owi _operating while intoxicated_OWI (Operating while intoxicated), see Drunken driving
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pari_mutuel bettingPari-mutuel betting, see Racing
parkPark, see also State park
Plover heritage park restoration project: grant to Portage county historical society [Sec. 247c, 9124 (1x)]  -  Act 9
park falls, city ofPark Falls, City of
Flambeau river recreational bridge project: funding for city of Park Falls [Sec. 9150 (2g)] [partial veto]  -  Act 9
parochial and private educational institutionsParochial and private educational institutions
Cemetery location restriction: exemption provided for private military academy in a 4th class city [Sec. 2283t, u]  -  Act 9
College tuition and expenses program revisions re residency, enrollment fee and redeeming tuition units; college savings program created; income tax deduction provisions  -  Act 44
Kinship care or long-term kinship care programs: definition of child revised re certain secondary, vocational or technical school students under 19 years of age  -  Act 133
Milwaukee parental choice program: income limit exception [Sec. 2109m, 9339 (7c)] [vetoed] -  AB-133
School safety research, plans and funding; suspensions and expulsions for threats; parental liability for damage caused by child; reporting pupil without parent or guardian; school performance report; truancy definition; DOJ and DPI to seek federal funds [Sec. 887d, 896m, 2042g, 2048nr, t, 2068m, r, 2108m, 2124m-u, 3111s, t, 9339 (4g), 9439 (1g)] [2108m — partial veto] -  Act 9
parole or probationParole or probation
Child abuse and neglect reports: disclosure to certain departments and persons for investigation of or providing services re correctional community placement -  Act 20
D.N.A. data bank: expansion re persons required to give specimens; surcharge provision [Sec. 2288b, f, h-L, 2718yn, z, 3202e-p, 9358 (5x), 9458 (2x)] -  Act 9
OWI offenses: probation for [Sec. 3205d-f, 9358 (6m)] -  Act 9
Sex offender registry re parole, probation or extended supervision: information requirements revised; residence change prohibition -  Act 156
partnershipPartnership, see Corporation
pathways to independencePathways to independence, see Medical assistance