1999 - 2000 LEGISLATURE
May 2, 2000 - Introduced by Representatives Ladwig and Plale. Referred to
AR42,1,2 1Relating to: designating April 24 of each year as "Wisconsin Day of Remembrance
2for the Armenian Genocide of 1915 to 1923".
AR42,1,63 Whereas, a systematic destruction of thousands of Armenian communities,
4through massacres and death marches in which some 1,500,000 Armenians perished
5and hundreds of thousands more were uprooted from their homes and ancient
6homeland, was carried out from 1915 to 1923; and
AR42,1,97 Whereas, despite the overwhelming evidence borne out by a wealth of
8documentation, the Turkish government has never recognized nor accepted
9responsibility for the genocide of the Armenian people from 1915 to 1923; and
AR42,1,1110 Whereas, by denying, and trying to expunge, the record of their genocide, the
11Turkish government deprives the Armenian people of their own history; and
AR42,1,1412 Whereas, recognition of these instances of the Turkish inhumanity to the
13Armenian population is crucial to guarding against the recurrence of genocide and
14provides the Armenian people with a greater understanding of their heritage; and
1Whereas, the discrimination against and the hardship of the Armenian people
2persist today as fundamental freedoms are eroded through various governmental
3administrative orders; and
AR42,2,64 Whereas, the differences between the Turkish and Armenian people remain
5and even today lead to the loss of human lives and numerous violations of human
6rights; and
AR42,2,97 Whereas, the government of Turkey denies its Armenian community religious
8freedom, the right to control its own schools, the right to teach its children its own
9language, and the right to express its ethnic identity; now, therefore, be it
AR42,2,12 10Resolved by the assembly, That the assembly of the state of Wisconsin hereby
11designates April 24 of each year as "Wisconsin Day of Remembrance for the
12Armenian Genocide of 1915 to 1923"; and, be it further
AR42,2,15 13Resolved, That the assembly chief clerk shall provide a copy of this resolution
14to the Governor, the Armenian Genocide Commemorative Committee and the
15President of the United States.
AR42,2,1616 (End)