ab587Assembly Bill 587 - Vetoed in Full

State of Wisconsin
Office of the Governor
May 17, 2000

To the Honorable Members of the Assembly:

I am vetoing Assembly Bill 587 in its entirety. This bill expands the kinship care and long-term kinship care programs by adding second cousin to the definition of a kinship care relative.

I am vetoing Assembly Bill 587 because no funding was provided to finance this expansion of the kinship care program. The Legislature should not expand a program without appropriating sufficient funding. If the demand for program funding exceeds a county or tribe's kinship care allocation, the county or tribe would be forced to use its own funds or put relatives on waiting lists. Additionally, expansion of kinship care eligibility to second cousins may set a precedent for further expansion of the program beyond the original intent of compensating relatives formerly under the AFDC Nonlegally Responsible Relative program.
Tommy G. Thompson