2001 - 2002 LEGISLATURE
February 8, 2001 - Introduced by Representatives Gard, Montgomery,
Hundertmark, Wade, Huebsch, Bies, Starzyk, Friske, Krawczyk, Ryba, Ott,
Olsen, Gundrum, Rhoades, Duff, Walker, McCormick, Musser, Lippert,
Shilling, Plouff, Urban, Kestell, Vrakas, Meyerhofer, Ladwig, Kreibich,
Jeskewitz, Sinicki, Freese, Coggs, Owens, Balow, Albers, Kreuser, Bock,
Hebl, Townsend, Lassa, Miller
and Petrowski. Referred to Committee on
AR9,1,2 1Relating to: commending and congratulating Ron Wolf for his service and thanking
2him for his contribution to the Green Bay Packers and the people of Wisconsin.
AR9,1,43 Whereas, Ron Wolf launched his professional football career in 1963 when he
4joined the Oakland Raiders as a talent scout; and
AR9,1,75 Whereas, Ron Wolf served as vice president of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,
6director of player personnel for the Oakland Raiders, and director of player personnel
7for the New York Jets before coming to Green Bay; and
AR9,1,98 Whereas, Ron Wolf has had a profound impact within the Green Bay Packers
9organization as the executive vice president and general manager since 1991; and
AR9,1,1210 Whereas, Ron Wolf, while serving as executive vice president and general
11manager of the Green Bay Packers, demonstrated a keen eye for talent, with nearly
1260% of his draftees still playing in the National Football League (NFL); and
AR9,2,513 Whereas, Ron Wolf, a man with a deep appreciation for the game, the history,
14and the tradition of the Green Bay Packers, has led the team to a remarkable 9-year
15record of 101-57; 6 consecutive play-off appearances; the first 16-victory season in

1the Packers' 81-year history; the 2nd-longest home-field winning streak (25
2straight regular-season games) in NFL history; 3 consecutive National Football
3Conference (NFC) Central Division titles; back-to-back NFC championships and
4Super Bowl appearances; and Green Bay's first Super Bowl championship in 29
5years; and
AR9,2,86 Whereas, Ron Wolf is a pillar of the community in Brown County, donating his
7time and resources to innumerable charitable organizations and establishments to
8further raise the quality of life for Northeastern Wisconsin and the entire state; and
AR9,2,119 Whereas, Ron Wolf has earned numerous awards and much recognition
10throughout his years of service, including his enshrinement as the 124th member of
11the Packer Hall of Fame; and
AR9,2,1312 Whereas, Ron Wolf's leadership in the community and on the field made it fun
13once again to be a Green Bay Packer fan; now, therefore, be it
AR9,2,17 14Resolved by the assembly, That the members of the Wisconsin assembly
15hereby commend and congratulate Ron Wolf for his service, thank him for his
16contribution to the Green Bay Packers and the people of Wisconsin, and wish him the
17best of luck in his future endeavors; and, be it further
AR9,2,19 18Resolved, That the assembly chief clerk shall provide copies of this resolution
19to Ron Wolf and to the Green Bay Packers organization.
AR9,2,2020 (End)