2003 - 2004 LEGISLATURE
April 29, 2003 - Introduced by Representatives LeMahieu, Van Akkeren and
Kestell. Referred to Committee on Rules.
AR15,1,4 1Relating to: gratefully acknowledging the kind gift to the people of the state of
2Wisconsin, by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Theodore (Terry) Andrae, of their property
3along the beautiful Lake Michigan shore, which became Terry Andrae State
AR15,1,75 Whereas, in 1924 Frank Theodore (Terry) Andrae, president of Julius Andrae
6and Son's Electric Supply Company of Milwaukee, purchased 112 acres of lakeshore
7property; and
AR15,1,108 Whereas, Terry and his wife, Elsbeth, built a 2-story home on this property
9overlooking the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, known as Henriette Lodge, where
10they were often known to invite guests to share in the joy of their property; and
AR15,1,1311 Whereas, Mrs. Andrae, having a fervent interest in botany and horticulture,
12took on the enormous task, with the aid of forestry consultants, of reforesting their
13property; and
1Whereas, upon the death of her beloved husband, Frank Theodore Andrae, in
21927, Mrs. Andrae donated her entire lakeshore property to the state of Wisconsin
3to be used as a state park in December of 1928; and
AR15,2,74 Whereas, the beautiful forests, beaches, and dunes of Terry Andrae State Park
5have provided a beautiful and much-cherished recreational area for the families of
6Sheboygan County and the rest of the state for the past 75 years; now, therefore, be
AR15,2,13 8Resolved by the assembly, That the Wisconsin assembly gratefully
9acknowledges the kind gift to the people of the state of Wisconsin, by Mr. and Mrs.
10Frank Theodore (Terry) Andrae, of their property along the beautiful Lake Michigan
11shore, which became Terry Andrae State Park, and joins the Friends of Kohler
12Andrae State Park and the Andrae family in celebrating the 75th anniversary of the
13creation of Terry Andrae State Park; and, be it further
AR15,2,15 14Resolved, That the assembly chief clerk shall provide copies of this resolution
15to the Friends of Kohler Andrae State Park and the Andrae family.
AR15,2,1616 (End)