165.015 Duties.
165.017 Review of certain detentions or petitions for commitment.
165.02 Federal appropriations adjustments.
165.055 Appointments.
165.065 Assistant attorney generals; antitrust.
165.066 Assistant attorney general; unemployment insurance law enforcement.
165.08 Power to compromise.
165.09 Removal of barriers to trade or movement of dairy products.
165.25 Duties of department of justice.
165.255 Representation in sexually violent person commitment proceedings.
165.26 Department of justice may have cases printed.
165.30 Collection of delinquent obligations.
165.40 Acquisition of hospitals.
165.50 Criminal investigation.
165.51 State fire marshal.
165.55 Arson investigation.
165.60 Law enforcement.
165.70 Investigation of statewide crime.
165.72 Controlled substances hotline and rewards for controlled substances tips.
165.75 Crime laboratories.
165.755 Crime laboratories and drug law enforcement surcharge.
165.76 Submission of human biological specimen.
165.765 Biological specimen; penalty and immunity.
165.77 Deoxyribonucleic acid analysis and data bank.
165.78 Information center; training activities.
165.785 Crime alert network.
165.79 Evidence privileged.
165.80 Cooperation with other state departments.
165.81 Disposal of evidence.
165.82 Criminal history search fee.
165.825 Information link; department of health services.
165.827 Transaction information for the management of enforcement system; fees.
165.828 Transaction information for management of enforcement system; access plan.
165.8285 Transaction information for management of enforcement system; department of corrections records.
165.8287 Transaction information for management of enforcement system; department of transportation photographs.
165.83 Criminal identification, records and statistics.
165.84 Cooperation in criminal identification, records and statistics.
165.85 Law enforcement standards board.
165.86 Law enforcement training.
165.89 Grants to certain counties for law enforcement programs.
165.90 County-tribal law enforcement programs.
165.91 Grants to tribes for law enforcement programs.
165.92 Tribal law enforcement officers; powers and duties.
165.93 Sexual assault victim services; grants.
165.982 Weed and seed project grants.
165.983 Law enforcement technology grants.
165.984 Community policing.
165.015 165.015 Duties. The attorney general shall:
165.015(1) (1)Give opinion to officers. Give his or her opinion in writing, when required, without fee, upon all questions of law submitted to him or her by the legislature, either house thereof or the senate or assembly committee on organization, or by the head of any department of state government.
165.015(2) (2)Protect trust funds. Examine all applications for loans from any of the trust funds, and furnish to the commissioners of public lands his or her opinion in writing as to the regularity of each such application, and also of the validity of any bonds or other securities purchased for the benefit of such funds.
165.015(3) (3)Certify bonds. Examine a certified copy of all proceedings preliminary to any issue of state bonds or notes, and, if found regular and valid, endorse on each bond or note his or her certificate of such examination and validity. The attorney general shall also make similar examinations and certificates respecting municipal bonds in the cases specified in s. 67.025.
165.015(4) (4)Keep statement of fees. Keep a detailed statement of all fees, including his or her fees as commissioner of public lands, received by him or her during the preceding year, and file such statement with the department of administration on or before June 30 in each year.
165.015(5) (5)Report to legislature. Upon request of the legislature or either house thereof, submit a report upon any matters pertaining to the duties of his or her office to the chief clerk of each house of the legislature, for distribution to the legislature under s. 13.172 (2).
165.015(6) (6)Perform other duties. Perform all other duties imposed upon the attorney general by law.
165.015 History History: 1971 c. 40 s. 93; 1971 c. 125; 1983 a. 36 s. 96 (2); 1987 a. 186; 1993 a. 482.
165.015 Annotation The attorney general, absent a specific legislative grant of power, is devoid of the inherent power to initiate and prosecute litigation intended to protect or promote the interests of the state or its citizens and cannot act for the state as parens patriae. Estate of Sharp, 63 Wis. 2d 254, 217 N.W.2d 258 (1974).
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