2011 - 2012 LEGISLATURE
February 16, 2012 - Offered by Senator Erpenbach.
SB386-SA1,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
SB386-SA1,1,5 21. Page 2, line 12: delete the material beginning with "and" and ending with
3"(a)" on line 13 and substitute "and may also be made during the school year at any
4public high school by qualified persons if requested by a school board under sub. (2)
5(a) (b)".
SB386-SA1,1,7 62. Page 2, line 21: delete the material beginning with that line and ending with
7page 3, line 3 and substitute:
SB386-SA1,1,8 8" Section 2. 6.28 (2) of the statutes is amended to read:
SB386-SA1,1,109 6.28 (2) At high schools. (a) Public high schools shall be used for registration
10for enrolled students and members of the high school staff if requested under par. (b).
SB386-SA1,2,2011 (b) The municipal clerk of each municipality shall notify the school board of
12each school district in which the municipality is located that high schools shall may
13be used for registration pursuant to par. (a). The if the school board so requests. If

1the school board requests that high schools be used for for registration, the
2board and the municipal clerk shall agree upon the appointment of at least one
3qualified elector as a special school registration deputy at each high school as a
4special school registration deputy
serving students who reside in the municipality.
5The municipal clerk shall appoint such that person as a special school registration
6deputy and explain the person's duties and responsibilities. Students and staff may
7register at the high school on any day that classes are regularly held. The special
8school registration deputies deputy shall promptly forward properly completed
9registration forms to the municipal clerk of the municipality in which the registering
10student or staff member resides. The municipal clerk, upon receiving such
11registration forms, shall add all those registering electors who have met the
12registration requirements to the registration list. The municipal clerk may reject
13any registration form and shall promptly notify the person whose registration is
14rejected of the rejection and the reason therefor. A person whose registration is
15rejected may reapply for registration if he or she is qualified. The form of each high
16school student who is qualified and will be eligible to vote at the next election shall
17be filed in such a way that when a student attains the age of 18 years the student is
18registered to vote automatically. Each school board that requests the appointment
19of a special school registration deputy at a high school
shall assure that the principal
20of every that high school communicates elector registration information to students.
SB386-SA1,3,321 (c) The principal of any private high school or of any tribal school, as defined
22in s. 115.001 (15m), that operates high school grades and that has a substantial
23number of students residing in a municipality may request the municipal clerk to
24establish registration dates when a special registration deputy will be present in the
25high school, or to appoint a special school registration deputy in accordance with par.

1(b). The clerk shall may establish registration dates or appoint a special school
2registration deputy in the high school if the clerk determines the school to have a
3substantial number of students residing in the municipality.".