301.001 Purposes of chapters.
301.01 Definitions.
301.02 Institutions governed.
301.025 Division of juvenile corrections.
301.027 Treatment program at one or more juvenile correctional facilities.
301.029 Contracts requiring prisoner access to personal information.
301.03 General corrections authority.
301.031 County youth corrections budget and contract.
301.032 Juvenile delinquency-related services; supervisory functions of state department.
301.035 Division of hearings and appeals; administrator's general duties.
301.04 Legal actions.
301.045 Investigations.
301.046 Community residential confinement.
301.047 Inmate rehabilitation and aftercare.
301.048 Intensive sanctions program.
301.049 Mother-young child care program.
301.05 Gifts; trustee duty.
301.055 Prisoner population limits.
301.06 Education and prevention.
301.065 Religious organizations; contract powers.
301.067 Funding for certain community reintegration services.
301.068 Community services to reduce recidivism.
301.07 Cooperation and contracts with federal government.
301.075 Disbursement of funds and facsimile signatures.
301.08 Purchase of care and services.
301.085 Payment of benefits.
301.09 Grants for pilot programs or demonstration projects.
301.095 Council on offender reentry.
301.10 Purchases, bills, audits, payments.
301.105 Telephone company commissions.
301.11 Reports of corrections institutions.
301.12 Cost of care and maintenance, liability; collection and deportation counsel; collections; court actions; recovery.
301.13 Minimum security correctional institutions.
301.132 Honesty testing of sex offenders.
301.135 Electronic monitoring.
301.14 State-local shared correctional facilities.
301.15 Medium security prison.
301.16 Construction or establishment of certain institutions.
301.17 Minimum security corrections institutions.
301.18 Correctional and other institutions; expansion and establishment of facilities.
301.19 Restriction on construction of correctional facilities.
301.20 Training school for delinquent boys.
301.205 Reimbursement to visiting families.
301.21 Contracts for the transfer and confinement of Wisconsin prisoners in other states.
301.235 Structures, facilities and permanent improvements.
301.24 Lands; condemnation, easements, leases, sales, purchases.
301.25 Sewer system at Taycheedah Correctional Institution.
301.26 Community youth and family aids.
301.263 Community intervention program.
301.27 Meal and other charges; vending stands; commissary; and butter and cheese.
301.28 Training of correctional officers.
301.285 In-service and work experience training.
301.286 State identification upon release from prison.
301.287 Correctional officer overtime.
301.29 Bonds of employees; police powers; investigation of complaints.
301.295 Recruitment of department employees.
301.30 Inmate wages, allowances and release payments.
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