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Senator Mark Miller

Senate District 16 (D - Monona)

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Voting Address:
4903 Roigan Terrace
Monona, WI 53716


Born Boston, MA, February 1, 1943. Graduate Middleton H.S.; B.S. UW-Madison; Bowhay Institute for Legislative Leadership Development (BUILLD) 1999; Flemming Fellows Leadership Institute 2002. Former military pilot; Wis. Air National Guard, 1966-95 (ret. Lt. Colonel); former real estate property manager. Dane County Bd. of Health 1998-2004; Bd. of Health for Madison and Dane Co. 2004-07. Dane Co. Board of Supervisors 1996-2000.

Elected to Assembly 1998-2002; elected to Senate 2004; reelected since 2008. Minority Leader 2011; Majority Caucus Chairperson 2007.

Member of Military and State Relations, Council on

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