Record of Committee Proceedings

Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety

Assembly Bill 537

Relating to:  forfeiture of property seized in relation to a crime.

By Representatives Tauchen, Jarchow, Craig, Knudson, Kessler, Murtha, Goyke, Allen, Tittl, Gannon, Knodl and Hutton; cosponsored by Senators Nass, Lasee and Wirch.

November 24, 2015    Referred to Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety

January 28, 2016         Public Hearing Held

Present:       (12)      Representative Kleefisch; Representatives Kremer, Spiros, J. Ott, Rodriguez, Horlacher, Novak, Born, Duchow, Goyke, Zamarripa and Johnson.

Absent:       (0)        None.

Excused:     (1)        Representative Kessler.

Appearances For

·      Representative Gary Tauchen - 6th Assembly District

·      Representative Dave Craig - 83rd Assembly District

·      Robert Fischer - WI Grandsons of Liberty

Appearances Against

·      Sheriff Ron Cramer - Badger Sheriffs

·      Caty McDermot - WI Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Asssociation

Appearances for Information Only

·      None.

Registrations For

·      Adam Plotkin - Office of the State Public Defender

·      Representative Adam Jarchow - 28th Assembly District

·      Senator Steve Nass - 11th Senate District

Registrations Against

·      Alice  O'Connor - WI Chiefs of Police Association

·      Attorney General Brad Schimel - Department of Justice

·      David O'Leary  - WI District Attorneys Association

Registrations for Information Only

·      None.


Ashlee Moore

Committee Clerk