Mental health training program for school district and independent charter school personnel [Sec. 1467d-t] - Act 59
Recovery charter school: pilot program and director of Office of Educational Opportunity in the UW System authorized to contract for operation of, conditions specified; high school graduation and insurance coverage requirements; DHS, DPI, and Superintendent of Public Instruction duties - Act 30
School-based mental health services grants established re collaborating with community mental health agencies; Superintendent of Public Instruction to establish an advisory committee; emergency rules provision [Sec. 215k, 1470g, 9135 (4f)] [1470g, 9135 (4f) -- partial veto] - Act 59
School mental health program aids: DPI to award re hiring and retaining social workers [Sec. 211, 1470, 1599] - Act 59
Serious mental illness among DOC inmates: DOC report required [Sec. 9108 (22t)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Youth crisis stabilization facilities created; funding for peer-run respite centers for veterans; DHS and emergency rules provisions [Sec. 377, 377b, 379j-r, 752, 752b, 977, 9120 (1)-(1g), 9420 (3t), (4f)] [377, 379p -- partial veto; 377b, 379j, k, r, 752b, 9120 (1b), 9420 (3t), (4f) -- vetoed] - Act 59
mental health _ hospitals and institutesMental health -- Hospitals and institutes
Centers for developmental disabilities and state mental health institutes: DHS appropriation authority [Sec. 497, 498] - Act 59
Critical access hospital grant re behavioral health crisis management system, conditions specified; involuntary commitment for treatment hearings held by videoconferencing permitted under certain conditions [Sec. 379f, g, 978f, k, 979k, 9120 (6d), 9420 (6d)] - Act 59
Institutions for mental disease: MA coverage for persons ages 21 to 64, waver required [Sec. 928t, 931p, 932n, 933n] - Act 59
Mental health and developmental disabilities facilities and services: DHS to consult county and tribal human services departments re certain unencumbered amount [Sec. 744av] [vetoed] - Act 59
Nursing home bed assessment: exemption for county-owned institutions for mental disease and certain facilities not certified to participate in Medicaid or Medicare, waiver provision [Sec. 969n-r] [vetoed] - Act 59
Persons with drug dependence: emergency and involuntary commitment procedures, DHS programs, voluntary treatment, and other services extended to include - Act 34
mercantile establishmentMercantile establishment, see Retail establishment
metropolitan transportationMetropolitan transportation
Advertising signs placed on bus shelters on state trunk highways permitted - Act 37
Rail fixed guideway system in the City of Milwaukee: authority to incur expenses limited, TID exclusion; project removed as a major transit capital improvement project [Sec. 996h, 1224m-r, 1225g, 9331 (3t)] - Act 59
Volkswagen settlement fund distributions: competitive transit captial assistance grants for replacement of public transit vehicles [Sec. 111, 484, 1210] [111 -- partial veto] - Act 59
mfl _managed forest land_MFL (managed forest land), see Forestry
military affairs, department ofMilitary Affairs, Department of
Human resources and payrolls services: DOA to administer for all executive branch agencies and independent agencies except specified agencies; general fund lapse, onsite management, and reports provisions [Sec. 73, 9101 (9), 9201 (1), 9401 (4)] [73 -- partial veto] - Act 59
Interoperability Council and statewide public safety interoperable communications system functions transferred to DMA; 911 Subcommittee created; Next Generation 911 and interagency and intra-agency appropriations; Director of Emergency Communications position created and transfer of positions from DOT to DMA; obsolete Wireless 911 grant program references repealed; report required [Sec. 34m, 39m, 169e-s, 198m, 408e, n, s, 411e-s, 416m, 480m, 527m, 547m, 1187p, 1673d-t, 1799c-w, 1892c-x, 9128 (1w), 9132 (1w)-(1yy)] - Act 59
Mobile field force grants: DEM to award to law enforcement re crowd-control training and equipment [Sec. 411, 1893, 9132 (1)] - Act 59
Regional emergency response grants: DEM to award for replacing equipment used in responding to release of hazardous substances [Sec. 410c, 1893s] - Act 59
Tuition grant program for national guard members administered by DMA: administration revisions and differential tuition provision - SB410
military personnelMilitary personnel
Technical college resident fees to “covered individuals” expanded to include individuals to whom active duty uniformed service members transfer unused benefits - Act 24
military trainingMilitary training
Academic credit for military training: UW System and TCS to accept American Council on Education and Community College of the Air Force transcripts [Sec. 622m, 623m, 629m, 632f, h] - Act 59
Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program offered in high school grades: DPI to grant licenses to individuals to provide instruction for [Sec. 1461p, 1511p, 1519m] - Act 59
milwaukee _ cityMilwaukee -- City
Business improvement district (BID) in City of Milwaukee: special assessments apply to percentage that is not tax-exempt or residential [Sec. 996p, 9331 (4f)] - Act 59
Offender reentry demonstration project focused on noncustodial fathers in first class city established; TANF block grant moneys [Sec. 916, 924] - Act 59
Public assistance and local assistance allocations, Boys and Girls Clubs provisions [Sec. 896, 897, 902, 903, 904-913, 918, 919] - Act 59
Rail fixed guideway system in the City of Milwaukee: authority to incur expenses limited, TID exclusion; project removed as a major transit capital improvement project [Sec. 996h, 1224m-r, 1225g, 9331 (3t)] - Act 59
"Richard A. Grobschmidt Memorial Bridge”: bridge on the Hank Aaron State Trail in Lakeshore State Park in the City of Milwaukee designated as; contributions from interested parties provision - SB99
milwaukee _ planningMilwaukee -- Planning
Milwaukee County high-wide route designated, permit provision - SB186
milwaukee _ schoolMilwaukee -- School
College Possible, Inc.: Superintendent of Public Instruction to award grant to, matching provision [Sec. 217g, 1468g] - Act 59
Families and Schools Together (FAST) program: DCF to allocate TANF moneys to certain City of Milwaukee elementary schools [Sec. 899] - Act 59
MPCP, Racine Parental Choice Program, and statewide parental choice program changes [Sec. 1577-1579, 1582] - Act 59
MPCP, Racine Parental Choice Program, statewide parental choice program, and Special Needs Scholarship Program changes - Act 36
Opportunity Schools and Partnership Program creation in an eligible unified school district provisions, Superintendent of Public Instruction duties, report required, and village board procedures; DPI to contract for a reorganization of low performing school district study [Sec. 207f, g, 996w, 1463f, h, 1504k-r, w-y, 9135 (4w), 9435 (1x)] - Act 59
Parental choice program: family income does not need to be verified under certain condition [Sec. 1580g, 1598at, 1602d, 9335 (4d)] - Act 59
School performance improvement grants created [Sec. 214, 1473k] - Act 59
Tuberculosis screening questionnaire required of school district employees, including MPS; practioner duties specified - SB382
Workforce training grants (Fast Forward Program): use expanded for collaborative projects, teacher training, nursing training program, internship placement, and improved workforce retention; grant to support the Building Occupational Skills for Success (BOSS) program; report, sunset, and DWD duties [Sec. 398-399, 1397-1402, 1404, 1406, 9151 (1), (2), (5q), 9451 (2q)] - Act 59
milwaukee countyMilwaukee County
Child protective services: county departments of human services and social services may contract with other county departments of DCF on behalf of populous county [Sec. 835t, 982b, 984b, c, 9331 (6p)] - Act 59
Comptroller of populous county: duties expanded [Sec. 981e] [vetoed] - Act 59
County executive of populous county authority over sale or lease of county property to be consistent with county board policy and county board may only approve or reject contract negotiated by the county executive [ Sec. 980s, se, 981h, 982f, 9331 (7t)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Milwaukee County high-wide route designated, permit provision - SB186
North leg of the Zoo Interchange project: DOT may not provide funding [Sec. 9145 (10d)] - Act 59
Traffic control signals in City of Greenfield: DOT to study need a specified intersection, report required [Sec. 9145 (8m)] - Act 59
milwaukee parental choice program _mpcp_Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP), see Milwaukee -- School
mines, pits, and quarriesMines, pits, and quarries
Quarry operations: limiting authority of political subdivisions to place limits or conditions on; definitions, permit, noise, and ordinance provisions [Sec. 982i-mf, q-qe, s, t, 984ig, ij, 1305p, 9431 (1i), (2i)] [vetoed] - Act 59
minority enterpriseMinority enterprise
WEDC loan to Marathon County Development Corporation for minority-owned businesses [Sec. 9150 (3w)] - Act 59
minority groupsMinority groups
School leadership loan program created, UW program provision; minority teacher loan program and teacher loan program appropriations reduced [Sec. 204m, 704q, 9121 (1f), (2f)] - Act 59
minorsMinors, see Child labor; Children, and its subheadings; Juvenile delinquency; Youth
Veteran mortgage loans and clean water fund program: DVA and DNR bonding authority reduced [Sec. 486, 496] - Act 59
motor fuelMotor fuel, see Gasoline
motor vehicleMotor vehicle
Commercial radio and television station property: sales and use tax exemption modified, motor vehicle provision [Sec. 1187d-f, 9438 (2i)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Hybrid-electric vehicles and electric vehicles: surcharge added to registration fee, definition provisions [Sec. 1895m, 9345 (4p), 9445 (1p)] - Act 59
Personal delivery devices (PPD): operation on sidewalks and crosswalks authorized; regulations created; defined as a type of vehicle - Act 13
Volkswagen settlement fund distributions: competitive transit captial assistance grants for replacement of public transit vehicles [Sec. 111, 484, 1210] [111 -- partial veto] - Act 59
motor vehicle _ accidentMotor vehicle -- Accident
Car-killed deer on STH: DNR disposal program repealed; DOT to contract with counties, municipalities, or private entities for removal [Sec. 292m, 362n, 578ym, 1222m] [578ym -- partial veto; 362n, 1222m -- vetoed] - Act 59
Deer and wild turkey carcass tag requirements eliminated; wild turkey hunting authorization and car-kill deer or wild turkey provisions [Sec. 572b-n, o-q, 576g, r, 578b-y, 579e-581r, 582r] - Act 59
motor vehicle _ dealers and finance companiesMotor vehicle -- Dealers and finance companies
Recreational vehicle dealers may assess service fees; administrative rule repealed [Admin.Code Trans 142.04 (7)] [Sec. 1703m, 2266v, 9445 (1i)] - Act 59
motor vehicle _ driver_s licenseMotor vehicle -- Driver's license
Expanding list of traffic violations for which operating privilege is suspended and attendance at a vehicle right-of-way course is required; great bodily harm or death of another, failure to complete course, and forfeiture provisions - AB201
Job access loan to repair or purchase a vehicle: eligibility revised - SB221
OAR violation: ``knowingly” removed as element of the offense; requirements of the court during sentencing modified - AB390
motor vehicle _ drunken drivingMotor vehicle -- Drunken driving, see Drunken driving
motor vehicle _ equipmentMotor vehicle -- Equipment
Vehicle or vehicle part ID number removal or alteration prohibition: exception when repair requires replacement of the part - Act 55