Supervised release: changes to placement, right to counsel, reimbursement report by clerk of courts; DHS and SPD duties [Sec. 377h, 979p, 2230s, 2251y, 2257e-p, 2261d, 2262L-x, 9120 (1t), 9320 (1t)] [vetoed] - Act 59
public employeePublic employee, see also Civil service
Domestic partnership registrations sunsetted; authority for state or local governmental unit to provide certain benefits to an employee's domestic partner eliminated [Sec. 983e, 984p, 225d-r, 9331 (3f), 9452 (2f)] - Act 59
DOT to eliminate positions, report required; lapse of moneys to transportation fund [Sec. 9145 (1t), 9245 (2t)] - Act 59
Dual employment with a state agency or authority: restriction clarified and exemption for licensed health care providers created [Sec. 137-139] - Act 59
``Engineer” in title in classified service prohibited unless certain criteria are met; state civil service provision - Act 111
Enterprise resource planning system (STAR program) management: DOA reports of JCF and JCIPT required [Sec. 169t] [vetoed] - Act 59
Human resources and payrolls services: DOA to administer for all executive branch agencies and independent agencies except specified agencies; general fund lapse, onsite management, and reports provisions [Sec. 73, 9101 (9), 9201 (1), 9401 (4)] [73 -- partial veto] - Act 59
Information technology and procurement services positions: DOA report to JCF required [Sec. 9101 (11q)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Information technology functions and FTE positions transferred from OCI to Division of Enterprise Technology in DOA [Sec. 9124 (1), 9424 (1)] - Act 59
Information technology permanent positions converted from contractor staff: DOA report to JCF required [Sec. 9101 (11s)] [vetoed] - Act 59
SPD appropriations consolidated; Public Defender Board can request certain FTE positions from the Governor [Sec. 141, 461-467, 2252-2254, 2258-2261] - Act 59
State or political subdivision general sales prohibition: exceptions created; online auction provision - Act 65
State parks and recreation areas: vehicle admission and overnight camping fees revised; DNR and DOT to develop plan for a recreational passport when renewing vehicle registration, special license plate provision; cap on electric recepticals increased; FTE positions decrease re forestry and parks report [Sec. 340m, 557-565d, f, 9101 (11u), 9133 (6u), 9333 (2), 9433 (1), (2)] [9101 (11u) -- partial veto] - Act 59
Transfer 1 FTE position from Tour.Dept to DOA [Sec. 9144 (1)] - Act 59
WC hearings: transferring FTE positions from DWD to DOA [Sec. 9151 (3)] - Act 59
public employee _ group insurancePublic employee -- Group insurance
GIB to establish 5 health plan tiers [Sec. 709g, 9314 (3c)] [vetoed] - Act 59
GIB to use state group health program reserves to reduce costs and review policies to maintain reserves [Sec. 9114 (2p)] [vetoed] - Act 59
State employee group health program savings [Sec. 9114 (2w)] [vetoed] - Act 59
public employee _ hours of laborPublic employee -- Hours of labor
Beat patrol overtime grants: DOJ to award to certain cities [Sec. 408j, 1674-1680, 9228 (9p)] - Act 59
Criminal Investigation, Division of: funding for overtime [Sec. 9128 (3s), 9129 (3s)] - Act 59
public employee _ salaryPublic employee -- Salary
School board member or member-elect may refuse salary; notification provisions revised - Act 9
public employee _ travel provisionsPublic employee -- Travel provisions
Chief state forester: relocation of headquarters and Division of Forestry employees; report to JCF required [Sec. 9133 (2)] - Act 59
UW employee reimbursement for lodging expenses [Sec. 602m, 9348 (3p), 9448 (3p)] - Act 59
Communicable disease control and prevention: grants to local health departments [Sec. 370r, 1791c] - Act 59
Lead poisoning or lead exposure: blood lead level in definition lowered [Sec. 1792] - Act 59
Multiple jurisdiction health departments: governing body determination of budget revised - Act 6
public instruction, department ofPublic Instruction, Department of
Addressing mental health issues in schools: DPI to provide training to school district and independent charter school personnel - Act 31
Annual accountability reports: DPI to include additional information about high school pupils [Sec. 1472] - Act 59
Bullying prevention: DPI grants to nonprofit organization for training and online curriculum [Sec. 217, 1464] - Act 59
Chronic absenteeism in schools and public benefits: DCF, DPI, DHS, and DWD to collaborate on a report [Sec. 9152 (1)] - Act 59
DPI biennial budget request revised re public library system aid [Sec.727p] - Act 59
Electric energy derived from renewable resources: appropriation created for DOA, DOC, DHS, DPI, DVA, and the UW System [Sec. 205, 206, 221, 222, 365, 366, 375, 376, 413, 414, 447, 448] - Act 59
Faculty at UW System, technical colleges, and private colleges or universities may teach at a public high school without a DPI issued license under certain conditions [Sec. 1507, 1508, 1512p] - Act 59
Gifted and talented grants: DPI to award to all school districts [Sec. 1529] - Act 59
Human resources and payrolls services: DOA to administer for all executive branch agencies and independent agencies except specified agencies; general fund lapse, onsite management, and reports provisions [Sec. 73, 9101 (9), 9201 (1), 9401 (4)] [73 -- partial veto] - Act 59
Information technology education for public school pupils, technical college students, and public library patrons; DPI to award grant to an entity that meets specified criteria; DWD career and technical education grant provision [Sec. 215m, 1407g, i, 1482p] - Act 59
Initial teacher license: alternative preparation programs provisions, DPI duties [Sec. 1461p, 1511p, 1524g] - Act 59
Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program offered in high school grades: DPI to grant licenses to individuals to provide instruction for [Sec. 1461p, 1511p, 1519m] - Act 59
Mental health training program for school district and independent charter school personnel [Sec. 1467d-t] - Act 59
MPCP, Racine Parental Choice Program, and statewide parental choice program changes [Sec. 1577-1579, 1582] - Act 59
MPCP, Racine Parental Choice Program, statewide parental choice program, and Special Needs Scholarship Program changes - Act 36
Online courses in public schools: reciprocity for teachers licensed in another state; DPI duties [Sec. 1507m, 1532x, 1633g, i] - Act 59
Opportunity Schools and Partnership Program creation in an eligible unified school district provisions, Superintendent of Public Instruction duties, report required, and village board procedures; DPI to contract for a reorganization of low performing school district study [Sec. 207f, g, 996w, 1463f, h, 1504k-r, w-y, 9135 (4w), 9435 (1x)] - Act 59
Per pupil aid [Sec. 1481m] - Act 59
Personal electronic computing devices grant program created for schools to provide devices for pupil use, sunset provision [Sec. 208e, 1482f] - Act 59
Pupil transportation aids to school districts and independent charter schools [Sec. 1638-1640, 9335 (1)] - Act 59
Recovery charter school: pilot program and director of Office of Educational Opportunity in the UW System authorized to contract for operation of, conditions specified; high school graduation and insurance coverage requirements; DHS, DPI, and Superintendent of Public Instruction duties - Act 30
Robotics league participation grants: sunset removed, annual appropriation and private schools may apply [Sec. 215g, 1482m] - Act 59
Rural school teacher talent pilot program created; grants from DPI to CESAs [Sec. 206m, 1475m] - Act 59
School-based mental health services grants established re collaborating with community mental health agencies; Superintendent of Public Instruction to establish an advisory committee; emergency rules provision [Sec. 215k, 1470g, 9135 (4f)] [1470g, 9135 (4f) -- partial veto] - Act 59
School district consolidation aid created [Sec. 208r, 1480p, r, 1504u, v, 1635em, f, 1640t, v, 9435 (1f)] - Act 59
School mental health program aids: DPI to award re hiring and retaining social workers [Sec. 211, 1470, 1599] - Act 59
School performance improvement grants created [Sec. 214, 1473k] - Act 59
Shared services pilot program created re school boards sharing administrative personnel, DPI duties, report required [Sec. 208t, 1475p] [vetoed] - Act 59
Sparsity aid eligibility revised [Sec. 1477d, 1480r-1481i] - Act 59
Special education costs: DPI to request DOA to reimburse charter schools [Sec. 1494-1504] - Act 59
Special education transition grants re postsecondary education or training or competitively employed [Sec. 1504d-i] - Act 59
Special education transition readiness grants re workforce transition support services [Sec. 208n, 1504j] - Act 59
Special Needs Scholarship Program eligibility: prior year open enrollment and prior year public school enrollment requirements repealed [Sec. 1486c, em, 9335 (5d)] - Act 59
Special Needs Scholarship Program: method and amount revised [Sec. 208m, 1486ap, b, d, e, 1487g-1492f, i-k, n] - Act 59
Special Needs Scholarship Program summer school payments [Sec. 208m, 1492g, h, 1492L-1493r, 9335 (3q)] - Act 59
Summer school program grants: DPI to award to school districts meeting certain criteria on a competitive basis [Sec. 215, 1482j] [1482j -- partial veto] - Act 59
Summer school: prorated payment to private school participating in school choice program if pupil attends for at least 15 days [Sec. 1598c-e, 1619m-s, 9335 (3p)] - Act 59
Summer school pupils: payments to independent charter schools [Sec. 215n, p, 1532d-g, j-p, r-u, 9335 (3f)] - Act 59
Teacher, administrator, and pupil services licenses revisions re provisional license and lifetime license; background check by DPI provision [Sec. 1462, 1463, 1474, 1475, 1506n, 1509-1511, 1512, 1512d-1519, 1525] - Act 59
Teacher development program grants: DWD to award to school districts re partnership with educator preparation program approved by DPI, bachelor's degree not required to enroll in program [Sec. 1407, 1524] - Act 59
Teacher training and recruitment grants created; Teach for America appropriation renamed and transferred from DPI to DWD [Sec. 216m, 1407m, 1467b] - Act 59
Teaching license based on completion of a teacher education program accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale - Act 106
Technical education equipment grants to school districts created, report to DPI and DWD duties [Sec. 1402c, 1407k, 9151 (5y)] [1407k -- partial veto] - Act 59
Virtual charter school funding study: DPI to conduct and report to JCF [Sec. 9135 (1t)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Whole grade sharing agreement: categorical aid; DPI report required [Sec. 208p, 1534p, 9135 (4p)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Wisconsin Reading Corps grant, matching funds and sunset provisions [Sec. 217m, 1468m] - Act 59
Youth Options Program renamed Early College Credit Program with revisions; part-time Open Enrollment Program restored with exceptions; private school provisions and DPI duties [Sec. 209, 210, 400, 629, 630, 631, 633, 1396, 1465, 1471, 1473, 1536-1576, 1635, 9135 (1p), 9435 (1p), (1q)] - Act 59
public instruction, department of _ administrative rulesPublic Instruction, Department of -- Administrative rules
Alternative education grants: DPI requirement and rules eliminated [Admin.Code PI 44] - Act 92
Grant programs administered by DPI combined re peer review, AODA programs, tribal language revitalization, and 4-year-old kindergarten [Admin.Code PI 16 (title), 16.01, 16.02, 16.03, 16.04, 32 (title), 32.01, 32.02, 32.03, 32.04, 38 (title), 38 subch. I, II, and III, 38.01, 38.02, 38.03, 38.04, 38.05, 38 subch. IV (title), V (title), and VI (title), 39 (title), 39.01, 39.02, 39.03, 39.04] - Act 93
Teacher education program approval and licenses: DPI to revise, conditions specified [Admin.Code PI 34] [Sec. 9135 (5p)] - Act 59
public landPublic land, see also State park
Pheasant hunting on DNR managed land, fee provision [Sec. 242, 512m] - Act 59
public land _ salePublic land -- Sale