securities _ regulationSecurities -- Regulation
Securities registration exemptions related to crowdfunding - Act 213
securities, division ofSecurities, Division of
Securities registration exemptions related to crowdfunding - Act 213
security guard or officerSecurity guard or officer, see Police
Industrial hemp: DATCP to regulate activities; criminal history search, pilot program, controlled substances laws, testing, fees, seed, penalty, and rules provisions - Act 100
seized propertySeized property, see Forfeiture
senateSenate, see Legislature, and its subheadings
sentences and penaltiesSentences and penalties, see also Fines; Forfeiture
Aiding a person suffering from an overdose or adverse reaction and immunity from controlled substance prosecution: revisions to 2017 WisAct 33 re initial applicability clause, bail jumping immunity, and sunset the bail jumping changes [Sec. 2251xg-xs, 2265r, 9452 (2x)] - Act 59
Aiding a person suffering from an overdose or adverse reaction: immunity from prosecution for controlled substance possession or having probation, parole, or extended supervision revoked provisions created for the person being aided and the aider; definition of ``aider" modified - Act 33
Court ordered operating privilege restriction to vehicles equipped with an ignition interlock device revisions; violation provisions - Act 124
Firearm purchase for or furnishing or possessing a firearm for person prohibited from possessing a firearm: crime created; mandatory minimum sentence and affirmative defense re domestic abuse or child abuse injunction provisions - Act 145
Illegal possession of a firearm: mandatory minimum incarceration period modified - Act 310
Job access loan to repair or purchase a vehicle: eligibility revised - Act 80
Mandatory minimum sentence increased and crimes subject to expanded - Act 309
OAR violation: ``knowingly” removed as element of the offense; requirements of the court during sentencing modified - Act 127
School Safety, Office of, created in DOJ; school safety plan provisions including on-site assessment by law enforcement and annual drills; mandatory reporting of threats of violence; DOJ grants for school safety; open enrollment program expired provision eliminated; 2017 WisAct 107 tuberculosis screening requirement correction; expired or outdated DPI reporting requirements eliminated; reports and penalty provisions - Act 143
Uniform Recognition and Enforcement of Canadian Domestic Violence Protection Orders Act adopted - Act 181
service animalService animal, see Animal
service of process and papersService of process and papers, see also Subpoena
UI law revisions re collection of debt, joint and several liability of fiscal agents, eligibility provisions re requests for information and concealment of certain payments, drug testing, appropriation, and technical changes - Act 157
settlementSettlement, see Judgment
severance taxSeverance tax
MFL closed acreage fee payments to municipalities and counties; DNR duties and severance tax provision [Sec. 334m, 1205m-p, 9133 (6p)] - Act 59
sex crimesSex crimes
Address confidentiality program for victims of abuse: confidentiality provisions expanded, misdemeanor provision, and DOJ duties revised - Act 144
Child victim of sex trafficking: juvenile courts granted exclusive original jurisdiction over [Sec. 768, 769] - Act 59
GPS device used to monitor certain sex offenders and persons who have violated certain injunctions: term of contract between DOC and vendor modified - Act 346
Sex trafficking victim: funding for services for [Sec. 392g] - Act 59
Sexually explicit representation solicited from a minor: crime created, penalty provisions - Act 129
Superintendent of Public Instruction may revoke a license for immoral conduct, definition revised re pornographic material; governing bodies of schools (public, private, charter) prohibited from aiding an employee, contractor, or agent in obtaining a new job in a school or educational agency if there is reason to believe child sexual abuse has been committed - Act 130
Supervised release: changes to placement, right to counsel, reimbursement report by clerk of courts; DHS and SPD duties [Sec. 377h, 979p, 2230s, 2251y, 2257e-p, 2261d, 2262L-x, 9120 (1t), 9320 (1t)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Supervised release for sexually violent person: procedure revised re person’s county of residence prepares a report for DHS which submits a plan to the court, penalty provisions; eligibility for public defender changed [partial veto] - Act 184
Underage sexual activity: misdemeanor criminal penalty created if child is between 15 and 18 years old and the person is under 19 years old; exception and sex offender registry provision - Act 174
sexual assaultSexual assault, see Sex crimes
sexually explicit imagesSexually explicit images, see Obscenity
shared revenueShared revenue
Expenditure Restraint Program: payments to Village of Maine and City of Janesville [Sec. 480cp, 1210d] - Act 59
Public utility aid distributions to certain municipalities: exception to limitation, sunset provision [Sec. 1210b, c, 9238 (1b)] - Act 59
Tax-exempt computers: state aid payment revisions; DOR and sunset provisions [Sec. 997h, i, L-n, 1165d, 1210e-h, 1635d] - Act 59
Volkswagen settlement fund distributions: competitive transit capital assistance grants for replacement of public transit vehicles [Sec. 111, 484, 1210] [111 -- partial veto] - Act 59
shareholderShareholder, see Corporation
sheboygan countySheboygan County
Air monitoring site located at Kohler-Andrae State Park: DNR prohibited from including in the initial monitoring network plan submitted to EPA; waiver from federal Clean Air Act provision - Act 159
STH 23 construction and rehabilitation work [Sec. 9145 (2i), (2j)] - Act 59
TID number 3 in Village of Oostburg: 12 percent rule changed to 15 percent - Act 1
sheriffSheriff, see also Jail
Sale of foreclosed property and recording sheriff’s deed: process expanded to property anywhere in the state; clerk of court and notice provisions - Act 104
Sale of foreclosed property: county ordinance requiring sheriff or referee to use an Internet-based auction authorized; priority lien provisions - Act 208
shoreland zoningShoreland zoning
Electrical wiring code for certain housing review by DSPS; legal description for easements re sewer lines or facilities; development-related permits from more than one political subdivision; exemption from highway weight limits for vehicles delivering propane; review or report on bills and proposed administrative rules that affect housing modified; property owner rights regarding assessment; and maintenance and construction activities on certain structures under a county shoreland zoning ordinance - Act 68
Shoreline maintenance activities in outlying waters: DNR permit exemption under set conditions - Act 281
shsw _state historical society of wisconsin_SHSW (State Historical Society of Wisconsin), see Historical society
sidewalkSidewalk, see Street
skiingSkiing, see Recreation
skimming deviceSkimming device, see Fraud
Guaranteed asset protection (gap) waivers are not insurance and can be offered and sold re credit sale or lease or refinancing of motor vehicles, including trailers, boats, ATVs, off-road motorcycles, and snowmobiles; WCA provision - Act 161
Snowmobile trail aids and supplemental trail aids increased; trail use sticker fees increased and made permanent; Snowmobile Recreational Council to study options to ensure adequate funding for development and maintenance of trails [Sec. 1900sg-x, 9133 (6f)] - Act 59
social securitySocial security
DOR responsibility revisions re penalty for sales tax collected on nontaxable products after notification, property assessor certification, SSN on tax documents from employer to employee, and DOR notices delivered electronically option - Act 324
social workSocial work, see Public welfare
soda waterSoda water, see Beverage
soil and soil conservationSoil and soil conservation, see also Water -- Pollution
DSPS regulation of professions and building and safety laws revisions re notice of request to inspect or copy building plans, list of licensed retail supplies of LPG, review of local construction site erosion control program, membership of certain boards and credentialing boards, nursing practice law, physician assistant renewal date, Cemetery Board filings, and DSPS employed mining inspector; local ordinance regulating tattooing and body piercing prohibited - Act 329
Producer led watershed protection grants funding increased; DATCP soil and water resource management program funding increased; debt service payments increased for certain nonpoint source water pollution abatement projects - Act 196
Soil and Water Resource Management Program bonding authority [Sec. 494] - Act 59
Soil and Water Resource Management Program: grant allocation priority consideration; nutrient management planning specified [Sec. 1236] - Act 59
solid waste managementSolid waste management
Garbage or refuse collection vehicles: DOT permit to exceed weight and length limitations revised; administrative rules provision [Admin.Code Trans 269.05] [Sec. 1900og-or, 2266w] - Act 59
Iron and steel slag managed as an item of value is not included in definition of ``solid waste”; use of unencapsulated slag prohibited near a residential dwelling or school or daycare facility without DNR approval - Act 285
Landlord and tenant regulations revised; political subdivision authority modified re historic properties, municipal dwelling inspection, levy limit reduction and garbage collection exception, and certain fees; public utility service to rental dwelling units; municipal utility arrearage collection; eviction action procedural changes; removing case management information from CCAP; open housing law re service, assistance, or emotional support animals; municipal administrative review; enforcement of rental unit energy efficiency program; local government rental property inspection program - Act 317
Nonferrous metallic mineral prospecting and mining: sulfide ore moratorium repealed; locations where groundwater standards apply changed; repeal of DNR rule to minimize impact on wetlands; bulk sampling plan and approvals; changes to application, review, and permitting process; exemption from certain solid waste disposal fees; bond or other security requirements; proof of financial responsibility re closure of mining waste site; DNR duties [Admin.Code NR 132.06, 132.17, 132.18, 182.07, 182.08] - Act 134
Pyrolysis and gasification facilities exempt from certain solid waste facility regulations, definition provisions - Act 284
southeastern wisconsin fox river commissionSoutheastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission
Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission funding - Act 348
special session, 2017 _ augustSpecial session, 2017 -- August