2017 Senate Joint Resolution 25
Relating to: recognition of the importance of calling 811 prior to excavation and declaring April 2017 as Safe Digging Month.
Whereas, each year, the underground utility infrastructure of Wisconsin, including pipelines and electric, gas, telecommunications, water, sewer, and cable television lines, is jeopardized by unintentional damage caused by those who fail to have underground lines located prior to digging; and
Whereas, some utility lines are buried only a few inches underground, making the lines easy to strike, even during shallow digging projects; and
Whereas, digging prior to locating underground utility lines often results in unintended consequences, such as service interruption, environmental damage, personal injury, and even death; and
Whereas, the month of April marks the beginning of the peak period during which excavation projects are carried out across Wisconsin; and
Whereas, Wisconsin Statute 182.0175 establishes one-call system requirements for excavators — including homeowners and construction contractors — to call the one-call center at least three days prior to beginning any work; and
Whereas, in 2005, the Federal Communications Commission designated 811 as the nationwide number for one-call services, a service in Wisconsin that is also known as Diggers Hotline; and
Whereas, Wisconsinites can also access the 811 service by visiting clickbeforeyoudig.com; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the legislature hereby proclaims April 2017 as Safe Digging Month in Wisconsin and commends this observance to all residents; and, be it further
Resolved, That the members of the legislature call upon all residents to call or click before they dig as their action could save a life.