2017 Senate Joint Resolution 57
Relating to: proclaiming June 2017 as Dairy Month in Wisconsin.
Whereas, dairy is a vital industry in Wisconsin and the largest segment of Wisconsin's agriculture, with a total economic impact of over $43 billion; and
Whereas, in June, the people of Wisconsin have the opportunity to celebrate the agricultural heritage of the dairy industry in Wisconsin, which emerged as a major economic industry in the late 19th century; and
Whereas, by 1899, more than 90 percent of Wisconsin farms raised dairy cows; and
Whereas, Wisconsin's very own Stephen Babcock, a professor at UW Madison, was the first to develop a system to test butterfat content in milk, now known as the Babcock test, helping to instill the proud tradition of producing the highest quality dairy product possible; and
Whereas, in 2016, a record breaking 30 billion pounds of Wisconsin milk was produced in the state; and
Whereas, in 2016, Wisconsin claimed the World Champion Cheese title and was recognized as producing the best cheese in the world at the World Championship Cheese Contest; and
Whereas, in 2017, the State of Wisconsin will recognize cheese as the official Wisconsin dairy product for the first time; and
Whereas, in the month of June, the people of Wisconsin have the opportunity to recognize the long-standing commitment dairy farmers have made to the State of Wisconsin, prevailing as a pillar of economic success in the state; and
Whereas, Wisconsin would not be the great state it is today without steadfast industries like dairy farming bringing jobs and prosperity to the state through its unwavering dedication to the highest standard of dairy production, consistently moving Wisconsin forward; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the legislature hereby proclaims June 2017 as Dairy Month in Wisconsin.