AB917,2,87 (b) The public service commission shall appoint the following members for
83-year terms:
AB917,2,109 1. One member representing an employer who uses and promotes
10telecommuting for its employees.
AB917,2,1111 2. One member representing a chamber of commerce.
AB917,2,1212 3. One member representing a local economic development organization.
AB917,2,1313 4. One member representing a regional economic development organization.
AB917,2,1514 (c) Each of the following shall appoint one member of the council for a 3-year
AB917,2,1616 1. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.
12. The department of workforce development.
AB917,3,22 3. The department of tourism.
AB917,3,43 4. A state association specified by the public service commission that
4represents telecommunications providers.
AB917,3,65 5. A state association specified by the public service commission that
6represents video service providers.
AB917,3,87 6. A broadband providers stakeholder group specified by the public service
AB917,3,99 7. The League of Wisconsin Municipalities.
AB917,3,1010 8. The Wisconsin Counties Association.
AB917,3,1111 9. The Wisconsin Towns Association.
AB917,3 12Section 3. 196.5045 of the statutes is created to read:
AB917,3,14 13196.5045 Telecommuter Forward! certification. (1) In this section,
14“political subdivision" means a city, village, town, or county.
AB917,3,24 15(2) A political subdivision may apply to the commission for certification as a
16Telecommuter Forward! community. The commission shall prescribe the form and
17manner for making an application and a process for public notice and comment on
18an application. The commission shall approve an application and certify a political
19subdivision as a Telecommuter Forward! community if the commission determines
20that the political subdivision has adopted a resolution that complies with sub. (3).
21Before approving an application, the commission shall consider any public comments
22made regarding the application. The commission shall consult with the
23Telecommuter Forward! council in carrying out the commission's duties under this
1(3) A political subdivision may not be certified as a Telecommuter Forward!
2community under sub. (2) unless the political subdivision adopts a resolution that
3does all of the following:
AB917,4,54 (a) States the political subdivision's support and commitment to promote the
5availability of telecommuting options.
AB917,4,76 (b) Provides for a single point of contact for coordinating telecommuting
7opportunities that has all of the following responsibilities:
AB917,4,108 1. Coordination and partnership with broadband providers, realtors, economic
9development professionals, employers, employees, and other telecommuting
AB917,4,1211 2. Collaboration with broadband providers and employers to identify, develop,
12and market telecommuter-capable broadband packages.
AB917,4,1413 3. Communication and partnership with broadband providers and economic
14development professionals to develop common goals.
AB917,4,1715 4. Promotion of telecommuter-friendly workspaces, such as business
16incubators with telecommuting spaces, if such a workspace has been established in
17the political subdivision at the time the political subdivision adopts the resolution.
AB917,4,1818 5. Familiarity with broadband mapping tools and other state-level resources.
AB917,4,1919 6. Maintaining regular communication with the state broadband office.
AB917,4,2020 7. Making regular reports to the governing body of the political subdivision.
AB917,4 21Section 4. Nonstatutory provisions.
AB917,4,2422 (1) Initial appointments. Notwithstanding the length of terms specified for the
23members of the Telecommuter Forward! council under section 15.797 (2) (b) and (c)
24of the statutes, initial appointments to that council shall be made as follows:
1(a) The members appointed under section 15.797 (2) (b) 1. and (c) 1., 4., and 7.
2of the statutes shall be appointed for terms expiring on July 1, 2019.
AB917,5,43 (b) The members appointed under section 15.797 (2) (b) 2. and (c) 2., 5., and 8.
4of the statutes shall be appointed for terms expiring on July 1, 2020.
AB917,5,65 (c) The members appointed under section 15.797 (2) (b) 3. and 4. and (c) 3., 6.,
6and 9. of the statutes shall be appointed for terms expiring on July 1, 2021.
AB917,5,77 (End)