Record of Committee Proceedings

Committee on Senate Organization

Senate Bill 768

Relating to: creating a law enforcement agency drug trafficking response grant program; positions to assist in prosecuting drug-related offenses; evidence-based programs for substance abuse prevention services for at-risk youth; victim impact panels; funding for family treatment courts; grants for county jails to provide nonnarcotic treatment before offender reentry; and making appropriations.

By Senators Vukmir, Feyen, Marklein, Moulton, Testin, Wanggaard, Darling and Bewley; cosponsored by Representatives Nygren, Snyder, Duchow, Rodriguez, Petryk, Novak, Rohrkaste, Pronschinske, Zimmerman, Tusler, VanderMeer, Horlacher, Krug, Petersen, E. Brooks, Edming, Ballweg, Spiros, Tittl, Tranel, Knodl, Born, Sanfelippo, Skowronski, Kitchens, Jagler, Kolste, Genrich and Billings.

February 09, 2018       Referred to Committee on Senate Organization

March 22, 2018           Failed to pass pursuant to Senate Joint Resolution 1


Jeff Renk

Committee Clerk