school _ curriculumSchool -- Curriculum
Online early learning pilot program for low-income children in certain school districts established; DPI duties and reports and matching funds provisions - Act 170
Robotics league participation grants program [Sec. 1472-1474] - Act 9
School and school district accountability report to include information on music, dance, drama, and visual arts participation - Act 85
school _ discipline and student rightsSchool -- Discipline and student rights
Physical restraint and seclusion of pupils in schools: laws revised - Act 118
school _ employeeSchool -- Employee, see also Teacher
Physical restraint and seclusion of pupils in schools: laws revised - Act 118
school _ evaluation and testingSchool -- Evaluation and testing
Pupil examination requirements do not apply and DPI prohibited from publishing school accountability reports in the 2019-2020 school year [Sec. 54-56, 58, 59, 67-74, 105 (21)] - Act 185
School and school district accountability report to include information on music, dance, drama, and visual arts participation - Act 85
School performance improvement grant eliminated [Sec. 156, 1440, 1441, 9434 (4)] - Act 9
school _ financeSchool -- Finance
BCPL may contract with SWIB to invest school trust fund moneys - Act 110
Lakeland STAR School and Lakeland STAR Academy: DPI grants, matching funds provision [Sec. 163s, t, 9134 (5p), (6p), 9434 (8p)] [vetoed] - Act 9
Revenue limit for school districts: ceiling freeze exception created - Act 176
School district revenue ceiling and revenue limits [Sec. 1722d-1742] - Act 9
school _ health programSchool -- Health program
School-based mental health consultation pilot program in Outagamie County created; DHS duties and reports required - Act 117
Seal-a-Smile program: DHS grants expanded [Sec. 1892, 9119 (6)] - Act 9
Uniform Athlete Agents Act: revisions adopted - Act 180
school _ state aidSchool -- State aid
Per pupil aid [Sec. 1459] [partial veto] - Act 9
Supplemental per pupil aid [Sec. 142f, 1464f] [1464f -- partial veto] - Act 9
senior citizenSenior citizen
Annual fishing license: fee reduced for first-time approvals for persons aged 16, 17, or 65 and older - Act 160
Long-term care and managed care programs receiving MA: aging and disability resource center duties, COP statutory language eliminated, regional long-term care advisory committees eliminated, appeal of eligibility determination by care management or managed care organizations [Sec. 48, 60, 193, 194, 197-202, 208, 316, 441-483, 485, 651, 654, 660-664, 665, 666, 682, 686-689, 696-725, 731, 733-749, 753, 754, 973, 980, 1110, 1354, 1387, 2078-2112, 2133-2142] - Act 9
sentences and penaltiesSentences and penalties
DOC required to recommend revocation of parole, probation, or extended supervision if person is charged with a crime while on parole, probation, or extended supervision; exception provision [vetoed] - AB805
Homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle: mandatory period of confinement - Act 31
OWI penalties for fifth and sixth offense: bifurcated sentence provision - Act 106
Persons who committed certain violent crimes: eligibility for probation, special action parole, extended supervision, or challenge incarceration program [vetoed] - AB809
WIC program changes [Sec. 1896-1934] - Act 9
service of process and papersService of process and papers
Service of certain pleadings and other papers: electronic mail provisions created - Act 30
Service of notice of claim against a state officer, employee, or agent: requirements modified re AG’s office - Act 29
settlementSettlement, see Judgment
sex crimesSex crimes
Intimidating a victim of domestic abuse made a felony - Act 112
Placement of sexually violent persons on supervised release: clarification of 2017 WisAct 184; DHS and county duties modified [vetoed] - SB60
Sexual contact with an animal, obscene depictions of, or facilitating access to animal for purposes of: felony penalties; child under age 13, sex offender registration, animal retained as evidence, court assessed expenses, and reporting mistreatment of dogs provisions - Act 162
shoreland zoningShoreland zoning
Town zoning ordinances affecting shorelands; county shoreland zoning ordinance requirements; county zoning ordinance that applies to all or part of a town’s territory - Act 145
small loanSmall loan
Repossession of collateral or leased goods: determination of breach of peace and limits on liability re vehicle repossession [vetoed] - SB613
County snowmobile trails and area aids: appropriation increased - Act 141
soil and soil conservationSoil and soil conservation
Soil and water resource management program: funding provision and bonding authority increased [Sec. 130m, 307] - Act 9
spouseSpouse, see Family; Marriage
stadiumStadium, see Athletics
state agenciesState agencies
COVID-19 pandemic: state government response [A.Amdt.4: further revisions] - Act 185
Governmental deadlines and training requirements suspended during the 2020 public health emergency, exceptions specified [Sec. 81, 106 (2)] - Act 185
State entity allowed to waive any in-person requirement during the 2020 public health emergency, definition provision [Sec. 80] - Act 185
state capitolState capitol
State capitol and grounds: DOA to study safety and security in consultation with City of Madison Police Department, report required [Sec. 9101 (1f)] [vetoed] - Act 9
state courts, director ofState Courts, Director of
Certificate of qualification for employment procedure created for persons convicted of a crime, conditions and civil liability exemption provisions; Council on Offender Employment, created; report required - Act 123
Circuit court: additional branches allocated by the Director of State Courts; biennial budget request provision - Act 184
state debtState debt, see Debt, Public
state employeeState employee, see Public employee
state historical society of wisconsin _shsw_State Historical Society of Wisconsin (SHSW), see Historical society
state lotteryState lottery, see Lottery
state parkState park
Insect repellant for sale in state parks and forests: DNR to make available - Act 74
Lyme disease: DNR awareness campaign requirements, state park brochure provision - Act 158
Lyme disease informational signs: DNR and DHS to collaborate on signs for state parks, trails, recreational areas, and forests - Act 73
State trails: repair funding, trails specified [Sec. 180m, 9132 (3x)] [9132 (3x) -- vetoed] - Act 9
Stewardship Program: amount obligated for water infrastructure projects in state parks increased - Act 93
state patrolState patrol, see Traffic officer
state superintendent of public instructionState Superintendent of Public Instruction
Read to Lead Development Council and fund repealed [Sec. 39, 166, 214, 218, 336, 341, 522] - Act 9