2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
August 28, 2019 - Offered by Senators Cowles and Smith.
SB212-SA1,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
SB212-SA1,1,2 21. Page 2, line 8: delete lines 8 to 22 and substitute:
SB212-SA1,1,3 3 Section 3. 27.01 (9) (bg) of the statutes is created to read:
SB212-SA1,1,44 27.01 (9) (bg) Annual 4th grade pass. 1. In this paragraph:
SB212-SA1,1,65 a. “4th grade pupil” means a child receiving a 4th grade level of instruction in
6a school or a home-based private educational program, as defined in s. 115.001 (3g).
SB212-SA1,1,77 b. “Guardian” has the meaning given in 48.02 (8).
SB212-SA1,1,88 c. “Parent” has the meaning given in s. 48.02 (13).
SB212-SA1,2,29 2. The parent or guardian of a child may apply for an annual vehicle admission
10receipt fee waiver by submitting an application to the department. An application
11may not be submitted to a regional office of the department or to a person who is
12subject to an appointment or a contract as authorized under s. 29.024 (6) (a) 2. to 4.
13but must be submitted directly to the main office of the department. An application

1shall be submitted on a form provided by the department and shall include all of the
2following information:
SB212-SA1,2,33 a. The child's name.
SB212-SA1,2,44 b. The child's date of birth.
SB212-SA1,2,75 c. The name of the school the child is or will be attending or a certification that
6the child is in a home-based private educational program, as defined in s. 115.001
SB212-SA1,2,128 d. A certification that the child is, was, or will be a 4th grade pupil on the 1st
9day of January of the calendar year for which the waiver is issued. This certification
10may be satisfied with dated report cards, dated and signed enrollment forms, a dated
11letter from the child's school on official letterhead, or any other proof deemed
12acceptable by the department.
SB212-SA1,2,1513 3. Subject to subd. 4., the department shall provide to an individual whose
14application submitted under subd. 2. is approved an annual vehicle admission
15receipt fee waiver that is valid for the calendar year in which the waiver is issued.
SB212-SA1,2,1916 4. A parent or guardian may receive only one fee waiver under this paragraph
17in his or her lifetime. If a parent or guardian receives a fee waiver under this
18paragraph, the department may not issue a fee waiver under this paragraph for any
19other member of the parent's or guardian's household.
SB212-SA1,2,2320 5. The department shall waive the fee, including the issuing fee, imposed under
21sub. (7) for an annual vehicle admission receipt for a single vehicle, except a motor
22bus, that has Wisconsin registration plates and that is operated by a person who
23holds a valid fee waiver issued under this paragraph.”.
SB212-SA1,2,24 242. Page 2, line 22: after that line insert:
1 Section 5. Effective date.
SB212-SA1,3,2 2(1) This act takes effect on January 1, 2020.”.