Budget Index Report
How to Use This Guide to the 2019‐2020 Governor's Executive Budget Bills
2019 Assembly Bill 56 and 2019 Senate Bill 59
Introduction: Every budget bill is composed of hundreds of individual bill drafts, each dealing with a particular topic or program and each assigned a four digit LRB number. This Budget Index Report (BIR) guide is designed to help you find topics within AB56/SB59 and, by using the links, connect with the text of the specific budget component draft in which you are interested.
From the Legislative documents page (http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov), the BIR is under “2019-20 Session,” “14. Miscellaneous Budget Documents,” and finally “Budget Index Report.” The three BIR components are: Guide to the Budget Index Report, Index Report by Subject, and Index Report by LRB Number.
The Index Report by Subject has three columns: Component Subject, Component Topic (a brief description), and LRB No. (draft). There is one line in the table for each draft.
The Index Report by LRB Number has five columns: LRB No., Component Subject, Component Topic, Section No. (in the compiled budget), and Statutory Action Phrase (the statute section number). There is one line for each Section No. (a draft can have between 1 and a few hundred section numbers).
Searching: Use the “Search” box at the top of the screen for keyword searches. If searching for an LRB number, omit the dash (ex. search for 1187 not -1187). Enclose a phrase in quotes (ex. “higher education”). NOTE: Abbreviations are sometimes found in this Report, i.e. bus. [business]; util. [utility/utilities]. “OTS” in the Statutory Action Phrase column stands for “of the statutes.”
If you do not readily locate your topic of interest, go to the Index Report by Subject to view all the subject entries.
You can find this same information by opening and searching the pdf Adobe document of the BIR. The Index Report by Subject is 14 pages and Index Report by LRB Number is 155 pages.
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