Register November 2008 No. 635
Chapter DCF 57
The infant meal pattern shall contain, as a minimum, each of the following components
in the amounts indicated for the specific age group.
The minimum quantity of food shall be provided to the infant, but may be served
during a span of time consistent with the infant's eating habits. - See PDF for table PDF
1 Shall be iron-fortified infant formula.
2 Shall be iron-fortified dry infant cereal.
3 Shall be full-strength fruit juice.
4 Shall be from whole-grain or enriched meal or flour.
5 It is recommended that breast milk be served in place of formula from birth through 11 months.
6 For some breast-fed infants who regularly consume less than the minimum amount of breast milk per feeding, a serving of less than the minimum amount of breast milk may be offered, with additional breast milk offered if the infant is still hungry.
Required Guidelines for Infant Meal Pattern
Definition of Infant. Any child less than 12 months of age.
Definition of Infant Formula. Infant formula defined by USDA is “any iron-fortified infant formula intended for dietary use as a sole source for food for normal healthy infants served in liquid state at manufacturer's recommended dilution".
Parent Providing Infant Breast Milk. The decision regarding which infant formula to feed an infant is one for the infant's doctor and parents/guardian to make together.
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