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Adm 1 Parking (PDF: PDF)
Adm 2 Use of state buildings and facilities (PDF: PDF)
Adm 3 Population determination (PDF: PDF)
Adm 5 Procurement requisitions (PDF: PDF)
Adm 6 Definitions (PDF: PDF)
Adm 7 Solicitation of bids and proposals (PDF: PDF)
Adm 8 Bidding process and exceptions to bidding (PDF: PDF)
Adm 9 Bidders list registration fee and subscription service (PDF: PDF)
Adm 10 Contractual services (PDF: PDF)
Adm 11 Surplus state property (PDF: PDF)
Adm 12 Electronic records management - standards and requirements (PDF: PDF)
Adm 20 Selecting and contracting architect/engineer services (PDF: PDF)
Adm 21 Advertising, bidding and award of construction contracts (PDF: PDF)
Adm 24 Debarment, suspension and ineligibility of department of administration contractors (PDF: PDF)
Adm 30 Payroll deductions for charitable purposes (PDF: PDF)
Adm 35 Clean water fund (PDF: PDF)
Adm 40 Energy information (PDF: PDF)
Adm 42 Nuclear power plants (PDF: PDF)
Adm 43 Non-municipal electric utility low income assistance fee (PDF: PDF)
Adm 45 Low-income assistance (PDF: PDF)
Adm 46 High-voltage transmission line fee (PDF: PDF)
Adm 47 Wisconsin land information program grants-in-aid to local government (PDF: PDF)
Adm 48 Comprehensive planning and transportation planning grants program (PDF: PDF)
Adm 49 Plat review fees (PDF: PDF)
Adm 50 Contract compliance (PDF: PDF)
Adm 60 Wisconsin environmental policy act, procedures for department actions (PDF: PDF)
Adm 70 Electronic recording of documents in Wisconsin county register of deeds offices (PDF: PDF)
Adm 81 Wisconsin college savings program board (PDF: PDF)
Adm 82 Disabled veteran-owned business certification program (PDF: PDF)
Adm 83 Woman-owned business certification program (PDF: PDF)
Adm 84 Minority business certification program (PDF: PDF)
Adm 85 Rural hospital loan guarantee program (PDF: PDF)
Adm 86 Shelter for homeless persons (PDF: PDF)
Adm 87 Transitional housing program (PDF: PDF)
Adm 88 Local housing organization grant program (PDF: PDF)
Adm 89 Housing costs grants and loans (PDF: PDF)
Adm 90 Small cities community development block grants for housing (PDF: PDF)
Adm 91 Interest on real estate trust accounts (PDF: PDF)
Adm 92 Relocation assistance (PDF: PDF)
Adm 93 Small cities community development block grant program for community and economic development (PDF: PDF)
Adm 94 Diesel truck idling reduction grants (PDF: PDF)
Appendix (PDF: PDF)