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ATCP 1 Administrative orders and contested cases (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 3 Program administration; general (PDF: PDF)
Animal Health
ATCP 10 Animal diseases and movement (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Diseases reported within one day (PDF: PDF)
Appendix B - Diseases reported within 10 days (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 12 Animal markets, dealers and truckers (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 13 Local rabies control programs (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 14 Livestock branding (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 15 Humane officer training and certification (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 16 Dog sellers and dog facility operators (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 17 Livestock premises registration (PDF: PDF)
Agricultural Resource Management
ATCP 20 Seed labeling and sale (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 21 Plant inspection and pest control (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Areas infested by hemlock woolly adelgid (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 29 Pesticide use and control (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Notice to Customer (PDF: PDF)
Appendix B (PDF: PDF)
Appendix C (PDF: PDF)
Appendix D (PDF: PDF)
Appendix E (PDF: PDF)
Appendix F (PDF: PDF)
Appendix G (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 30 Pesticide product restrictions (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Atrazine prohibition areas (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 31 Groundwater protection program (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 33 Fertilizer and pesticide bulk storage (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 34 Chemical and container collection program (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 35 Agricultural chemical cleanup program (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 40 Fertilizer and related products (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A (PDF: PDF)
Appendix B (PDF: PDF)
Appendix C (PDF: PDF)
Appendix D (PDF: PDF)
Appendix E (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 41 Liming materials (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 42 Commercial feed (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 48 Drainage districts (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Estimating water surface elevation (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 49 Farmland preservation (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 50 Soil and water resource management program (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 51 Livestock facility siting. (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Application form and worksheets (PDF: PDF)
Appendix B - Nutrient management (PDF: PDF)
Appendix C - Notice to adjacent property owners (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 54 Weather modification (PDF: PDF)
Food Safety
ATCP 55 Meat and meat food products (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 57 Inedible animal by-products (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 60 Dairy farms (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 69 Buttermakers and cheesemakers (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 70 Food processing plants (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Smoked fish processing (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 71 Food warehouses (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 75 Retail food establishments (PDF: PDF)
Appendix - Wisconsin Food Code (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 77 Laboratory certification (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 80 Dairy plants (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - 3-A Sanitary Standards and Accepted Practices (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 81 Cheese grading, packaging and labeling (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 82 Bulk milk collection, sampling, and transportation (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 83 Dairy product advertising and labeling (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Sample label statements (PDF: PDF)
Appendix B - Sample producer affidavit (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 85 Butter grading and labeling (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 87 Honey and maple syrup (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 88 Egg grading, handling and labeling (PDF: PDF)
Note: Chapters ATCP 90 to 162 can be found in Volume 2.
Trade and Consumer Protection
ATCP 90 Fair packaging and labeling (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 91 Selling commodities by weight, measure or count (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 92 Weights and measures (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 93 Flammable, combustible and hazardous liquids (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 94 Petroleum and other liquid fuel products (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 97 Public warehouse keepers (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 99 Grain dealers and grain warehouse keepers (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 100 Milk contractors (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 101 Vegetable contractors (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 102 Price discrimination and related practices (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 103 Dairy trade practices (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 104 Leaf tobacco, buying and selling (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 105 Sales below cost (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 106 Price gouging during an emergency (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 109 Freezer meat and food service plans (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 110 Home improvement practices (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 112 Credit report security freezes (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 113 Gasoline advertising (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 114 Real estate advertising, advance fees (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 116 Work recruitment schemes (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 117 Art prints and multiple art; sales practices (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 118 Car rentals; customer notices (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 121 Referral selling plans (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 122 Chain distributor schemes (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 123 Electronic communications services (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 124 Price comparison advertising (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 125 Manufactured home communities fair trade practices (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 127 Direct marketing (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 128 Academic material unfair trade practices (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 131 Coupon sales promotions (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 132 Motor vehicle repair (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 134 Residential rental practices (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 136 Mobile air conditioners; reclaiming or recycling refrigerant (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 137 Environmental labeling of products (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 139 Consumer product safety (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 140 Agricultural marketing orders, marketing agreements and marketing boards (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 141 Cherry marketing order (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 142 Cranberry marketing order (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 143 Corn marketing order (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 144 Milk marketing order (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 145 Soybean marketing order (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 148 Ginseng marketing order (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 149 Potato marketing order (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 151 Potato marketing agreement (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 155 Vegetable grading procedures and grade standards (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 156 Certified seed potatoes (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 159 Wisconsin grain grades (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 160 County and district fairs (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 161 Agricultural development and market promotion (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 162 Farm mediation and arbitration program (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 163 Dairy manufacturing facility investment credit (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 164 Meat processing facility investment credit (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 165 Food processing plant and food warehouse investment credit (PDF: PDF)
ATCP 166 Woody biomass harvesting and processing credit (PDF: PDF)