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DFI-CU 51 Credit unions (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 54 Real estate mortgage loans (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 56 Credit union review board (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 57 Retention of credit union books and records (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 58 Sale of credit life and health and accident insurance in connection with credit union loans (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 59 Miscellaneous investments by credit unions (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 60 Savings,dividend periods and early withdrawal penalties (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 61 Credit union purchase or acquisition of interests in credit sales transactions (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 62 Supervisory orders (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 63 Remote service units (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 66 Credit union limited services offices located out-of-state (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 68 Investment authority parity with federal credit unions (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 69 Non-preferential loan treatment for officials (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 71 Leasing of personal property (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 72 Member business loans (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 73 Audits and verifications (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 74 Debt cancellation contracts and debt suspension agreements (PDF: PDF)
DFI-CU 75 Authorized incidental powers activities (PDF: PDF)