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Management and Technology and Strategic Finance
DHS 1 Uniform fee system (PDF: PDF)
DHS 2 Recoupment of benefit overpayments (PDF: PDF)
DHS 5 Personnel administration in local human services agencies (PDF: PDF)
DHS 10 Family care (PDF: PDF)
DHS 12 Caregiver background checks (PDF: PDF)
DHS 13 Reporting and investigation of caregiver misconduct (PDF: PDF)
DHS 15 Assessment for occupied beds in nursing homes and intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded (PDF: PDF)
DHS 18 Environmental policy implementation (PDF: PDF)
DHS 19 Discretionary enforcement of rules and guidelines against small businesses (PDF: PDF)
Community Services, Chs. DHS 30—
DHS 34 Emergency mental health service programs (PDF: PDF)
DHS 35 Outpatient mental health clinics. (PDF: PDF)
DHS 36 Comprehensive community services for persons with mental disorders and substance-use disorders (PDF: PDF)
DHS 40 Mental health day treatment services for children (PDF: PDF)
DHS 60 Traffic and conduct on state treatment institution property (PDF: PDF)
DHS 61 Community mental health and developmental disabilities (PDF: PDF)
DHS 62 Assessment of drivers with alcohol or controlled substance problems (PDF: PDF)
DHS 63 Community support programs for chronically mentally ill persons (PDF: PDF)
DHS 65 Supportive services for families with disabled children (PDF: PDF)
DHS 66 Treatment alternative program (PDF: PDF)
DHS 68 Support for persons with Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers (PDF: PDF)
DHS 70 Group homes for recovering substance abusers (PDF: PDF)
DHS 73 Selected fiscal management procedures and standards under the community options program and medical assistance home and community-based services waiver (PDF: PDF)
DHS 75 Community substance abuse service standards (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Preventive interventions classification system (PDF: PDF)
Appendix B - Qualifications of staff who provide mental health treatment services to dually diagnosed patients (PDF: PDF)
Appendix C - Contact information for the division of quality assurance (PDF: PDF)
DHS 77 Service fund for people who are deaf, deafblind or hard of hearing (PDF: PDF)
DHS 78 Telecommunication assistance for deaf, deafblind and severely hard of hearing persons (PDF: PDF)
DHS 82 Certified adult family homes (PDF: PDF)
DHS 83 Community-based residential facilities (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Regional offices of the division of disability and elder services (PDF: PDF)
DHS 85 Non-profit corporations and unincorporated associations as guardians (PDF: PDF)
DHS 86 Appealing independent professional review determinations at the state centers for thedevelopmentally disabled (PDF: PDF)
DHS 88 Licensed adult family homes (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Regional offices of the division of disability and elder services (PDF: PDF)
DHS 89 Residential care apartment complexes (PDF: PDF)
DHS 90 Early intervention services for children from birth to age 3 with developmental needs (PDF: PDF)
DHS 92 Confidentiality of treatment records (PDF: PDF)
DHS 94 Patient rights and resolution of patient grievances (PDF: PDF)
DHS 95 Custody and control of ch. 980, Stats., patients (PDF: PDF)
DHS 96 Waiver by forensic patients of good time or entitlement to mandatory release (PDF: PDF)
DHS 97 Complaint procedures for inmates of the Wisconsin resource center (PDF: PDF)
DHS 98 Field supervision of clients (PDF: PDF)
DHS 99 Persons qualified to conduct evaluations of persons alleged to be sexually violent (PDF: PDF)
Medical Assistance
DHS 101 Introduction and definitions (PDF: PDF)
DHS 102 Application (PDF: PDF)
DHS 103 Eligibility (PDF: PDF)
DHS 104 Recipients' rights and duties (PDF: PDF)
DHS 105 Provider certification (PDF: PDF)
DHS 106 Provider rights and responsibilities (PDF: PDF)
DHS 107 Covered services (PDF: PDF)
DHS 108 General administration (PDF: PDF)
DHS 109 Senior care (PDF: PDF)
(Volume 5)
DHS 110 Emergency medical services licensing, certification, and training requirements (PDF: PDF)
DHS 114 Neonatal intensive care unit training grants (PDF: PDF)
DHS 115 Screening of newborns for congenital and metabolic disorders (PDF: PDF)
DHS 116 Wisconsin birth defect prevention and surveillance system (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A Birth defects and syndromes for which reporting is mandatory (PDF: PDF)
Appendix B Core data items of the birth defects registry (PDF: PDF)
DHS 118 Trauma care (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A Level III and IV hospital assessment and classification criteria (PDF: PDF)
DHS 120 Health care information (PDF: PDF)
DHS 122 Long-term care facility bed additions and capital expenditures review (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A Designated health planning areas in Wisconsin [DHS 122.03 (15)] (PDF: PDF)
DHS 124 Hospitals (PDF: PDF)
DHS 125 Do-not-resuscitate orders directed at emergency health care personnel (PDF: PDF)
DHS 127 Rural medical centers (PDF: PDF)
DHS 129 Certification of programs for training and testing nurse aides, medication aides and feeding assistants (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A Bureau of quality assurance regional offices (PDF: PDF)
DHS 131 Hospices (PDF: PDF)
DHS 132 Nursing homes (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A Food and Nutrition Board, National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council recommended daily dietary allowances (PDF: PDF)
DHS 133 Home health agencies (PDF: PDF)
DHS 134 Facilities serving people with developmental disabilities (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A Food and Nutrition Board, National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council recommended daily dietary allowances (PDF: PDF)
DHS 135 Human corpses and stillbirths (PDF: PDF)
DHS 136 Embalming standards (PDF: PDF)
DHS 137 Anatomical gifts (PDF: PDF)
DHS 138 Subsidy of health insurance premiums for persons with HIV infection (PDF: PDF)
Note: Chapters DHS 139 to 199 can be found in Volume 6.
(Volume 6)
DHS 139 Qualifications of public health professionals employed by local health departments (PDF: PDF)
DHS 140 Required services of local health departments (PDF: PDF)
DHS 142 Access to vital records (PDF: PDF)
DHS 143 Hearing impaired children (PDF: PDF)
DHS 144 Immunization of students (PDF: PDF)
DHS 145 Control of communicable diseases (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Communicable diseases and other notifiable conditions (PDF: PDF)
DHS 146 Vaccine-preventable diseases (PDF: PDF)
DHS 147 Cancer control grants (PDF: PDF)
DHS 148 Drug repository program (PDF: PDF)
DHS 149 The special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants and children (WIC) (PDF: PDF)
DHS 151 Family planning fund allocations (PDF: PDF)
DHS 152 Reimbursement for treatment of chronic renal disease (PDF: PDF)
DHS 153 Reimbursement for blood products and supplies used in the home care of hemophilia (PDF: PDF)
DHS 154 Reimbursement for treatment of adults with cystic fibrosis (PDF: PDF)
DHS 157 Radiation protection (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A (PDF: PDF)
Appendix B (PDF: PDF)
Appendix C (PDF: PDF)
Appendix D (PDF: PDF)
Appendix E (PDF: PDF)
Appendix F (PDF: PDF)
Appendix G (PDF: PDF)
Appendix H (PDF: PDF)
Appendix I (PDF: PDF)
Appendix J (PDF: PDF)
Appendix K (PDF: PDF)
Appendix L (PDF: PDF)
Appendix M (PDF: PDF)
Appendix N (PDF: PDF)
Appendix O (PDF: PDF)
Appendix P (PDF: PDF)
Appendix Q (PDF: PDF)
Appendix R (PDF: PDF)
Appendix S (PDF: PDF)
Appendix T (PDF: PDF)
DHS 158 Fee for monitoring radiation emissions in the vicinity of nuclear power plants (PDF: PDF)
DHS 159 Certification and training course requirements for asbestos activities (PDF: PDF)
DHS 161 Tanning facilities (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A (PDF: PDF)
DHS 163 Certification for the identification, removal and reduction of lead-based paint hazards (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Obtaining applicable federal, state and local government requirements (PDF: PDF)
Appendix B - HUD guidelines for the evaluation and control of lead-based paint hazards in housing (PDF: PDF)
Appendix C - Cleaning when lead-based paint has been disturbed (PDF: PDF)
Appendix D - Paint removal: Commercial and residential (PDF: PDF)
Appendix E - Random selection table for lead hazard screens, lead-safe investigations, risk assessments, and clearance only (PDF: PDF)
Appendix F - Random selection table for lead inspections and lead-free inspections only (PDF: PDF)
Appendix G - Conducting a visual inspection (PDF: PDF)
Appendix H - Protecting occupants (PDF: PDF)
Appendix I - Working lead-safe (PDF: PDF)
DHS 167 Statewide poison control system (PDF: PDF)
DHS 172 Safety, maintenance and operation of public pools and water attractions (PDF: PDF)
DHS 173 Tattooing and body piercing (PDF: PDF)
DHS 174 First aid and CPR training for employees of fitness centers (PDF: PDF)
DHS 175 Recreational and educational camps (PDF: PDF)
DHS 178 Campgrounds (PDF: PDF)
DHS 181 Reporting of blood lead test results (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Blood lead lab reporting form (PDF: PDF)
DHS 182 Lead poisoning or lead exposure prevention grants (PDF: PDF)
DHS 190 Institution sanitation (PDF: PDF)
DHS 192 Cities, counties and villages designated as agents of the department for public health protection purposes (PDF: PDF)
DHS 195 Hotels, motels and tourist rooming houses (PDF: PDF)
DHS 196 Restaurants (PDF: PDF)
Appendix - Wisconsin Food Code (PDF: PDF)
DHS 197 Bed and breakfast establishments (PDF: PDF)
DHS 198 Vending of food (PDF: PDF)
DHS 199 Tobacco control activities (PDF: PDF)
Economic Support
DHS 250 Tribal medical relief programs (PDF: PDF)
DHS 251 County relief programs (PDF: PDF)
DHS 252 Electronic benefit transfer (PDF: PDF)
DHS 254 IM worker training (PDF: PDF)