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Game 1 Definitions (PDF: PDF)
Game 3 Appeals, hearings and enforcement proceeding (PDF: PDF)
Game 4 Duties and responsibilities of associations and racetrack operators (PDF: PDF)
Game 5 Licensure (PDF: PDF)
Game 6 Criteria for granting licenses and determining racing dates (PDF: PDF)
Game 7 Greyhound racing (PDF: PDF)
Game 8 Pari-mutuel operations (PDF: PDF)
Game 9 Pari-mutuel wagering pools (PDF: PDF)
Game 10 Totalizator operations (PDF: PDF)
Game 11 Powers and duties of the Wisconsin division of gaming (PDF: PDF)
Game 13 Licensing (PDF: PDF)
Game 14 Medication (PDF: PDF)
Game 15 Humane treatment of racing animals (PDF: PDF)
Game 16 Prohibited activities of employees of licensees (PDF: PDF)
Game 19 Schedule of suspensions, revocations and forfeitures (PDF: PDF)
Game 20 Concessionaires (PDF: PDF)
Game 23 Wisconsin whelped program (PDF: PDF)
Game 24 Intertrack wagering (PDF: PDF)
Charitable Gaming
Game 41 Bingo cards (PDF: PDF)
Game 42 Conduct of bingo games (PDF: PDF)
Game 43 Expenses (PDF: PDF)
Game 44 Conduct of raffles (PDF: PDF)