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Ins 1 Fraternal insurance (PDF: PDF)
Ins 2 Life insurance (PDF: PDF)
Ins 3 Casualty insurance (PDF: PDF)
Ins 4 Fire and allied lines insurance (PDF: PDF)
Ins 5 Administrative actions; rules of procedure for contested cases (PDF: PDF)
Ins 6 General (PDF: PDF)
Ins 7 Forms (PDF: PDF)
Ins 8 Employee welfare funds; employee benefit plans (PDF: PDF)
Ins 9 Defined network plans (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Auditor's special procedures report on the schedule of covered expenses (PDF: PDF)
Appendix B - Auditor's report on the schedule of covered expenses (PDF: PDF)
Appendix C - Notice re hold-harmless provisions (PDF: PDF)
Appendix D - Preferred provider plan notice to enrollees (PDF: PDF)
Ins 10 Continuing care facilities (PDF: PDF)
Ins 11 Insurance security fund boards (PDF: PDF)
Ins 13 Town mutual insurance (PDF: PDF)
Ins 14 Vehicle protection product warranties (PDF: PDF)
Ins 15 Exemptions from application of insurance code (PDF: PDF)
Ins 16 Regulatory structure (PDF: PDF)
Ins 17 Patients compensation fund (PDF: PDF)
Ins 18 Health benefit plan grievances and independent review organizations certification and review procedures (PDF: PDF)
Ins 20 Insurance marketing (PDF: PDF)
Ins 21 Worker's compensation insurance (PDF: PDF)
Ins 22 Legal expense insurance (PDF: PDF)
Ins 23 Standards for insurance marketed to fund prearranged funeral plans (PDF: PDF)
Ins 25 Privacy of consumer financial and health information (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A (PDF: PDF)
Ins 26 Prelicensing education (PDF: PDF)
Appendix 1 - Casualty insurance course requirements (PDF: PDF)
Appendix 2 - Property insurance course requirements (PDF: PDF)
Appendix 2M - Personal lines insurance course requirements (PDF: PDF)
Appendix 3 - Life insurance course requirements (PDF: PDF)
Appendix 4 - Accident and health insurance course requirements (PDF: PDF)
Appendix 5 - Certificate of prelicensing education (PDF: PDF)
Ins 28 Continuing education (PDF: PDF)
Ins 40 Insurance holding company system regulation (PDF: PDF)
Ins 41 Domestic insurers required to disclose material transactions (329) (PDF: PDF)
Ins 42 Managing general agents (PDF: PDF)
Ins 45 Business transacted with producer controlled property or casualty insurer (PDF: PDF)
Ins 47 Reinsurance intermediary regulation (PDF: PDF)
Ins 50 Annual audited financial reports, annual financial statements and examinations (PDF: PDF)
Ins 51 Capital requirements for insurers (PDF: PDF)
Ins 52 Credit for reinsurance (PDF: PDF)
Ins 55 Life and health reinsurance agreements (PDF: PDF)
Ins 57 Care management organizations (PDF: PDF)
Appendix 1 (PDF: PDF)