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PI 1 Complaint resolution and appeals (PDF: PDF)
PI 2 School district boundary appeals (PDF: PDF)
PI 5 High school equivalency diplomas and certificates of general educational development (PDF: PDF)
PI 6 Public libraries (PDF: PDF)
PI 7 Pupil transportation (PDF: PDF)
Appendix (PDF: PDF)
PI 8 School district standards (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A (PDF: PDF)
PI 9 Pupil nondiscrimination (PDF: PDF)
PI 10 Supplemental aid for school districts with a large area (PDF: PDF)
PI 11 Children with disabilities (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Regression formula for calculating significant discrepancy scores (PDF: PDF)
PI 12 Wisconsin school for the deaf and Wisconsin center for the blind and visually impaired (PDF: PDF)
PI 13 Limited-English proficient pupils (PDF: PDF)
PI 14 School finance (PDF: PDF)
Appendix - Standard school district audit contract (PDF: PDF)
PI 15 Revenue limit exemptions for energy efficiencies (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A Sample resolution for revenue limit exemptions for energy efficiencies (PDF: PDF)
PI 16 Four-year-old kindergarten grants (PDF: PDF)
PI 17 Summer school programs (PDF: PDF)
PI 18 High school graduation standards (PDF: PDF)
PI 19 Education for school age parents (PDF: PDF)
PI 20 Disposition of funds (PDF: PDF)
PI 21 Driver education programs (PDF: PDF)
PI 22 Precollege scholarships (PDF: PDF)
PI 23 ESEA intradistrict safe school transfer options (PDF: PDF)
Appendix - List of violent criminal offenses under the ESEA intradistrict safe school transfer options (PDF: PDF)
PI 24 State aid for achievement guarantee contracts and partial debt service reimbursement (PDF: PDF)
PI 25 Children at risk plan and program (PDF: PDF)
PI 26 Education for employment plans and program (PDF: PDF)
Appendix (PDF: PDF)
PI 27 Commencement of school term (PDF: PDF)
PI 28 Test access (PDF: PDF)
PI 30 Special education aid (PDF: PDF)
PI 32 Grants for alcohol and other drug abuse programs (PDF: PDF)
PI 34 Teacher education program approval and licenses (PDF: PDF)
PI 35 Milwaukee parental choice program (PDF: PDF)
PI 36 Public school inter-district open enrollment (PDF: PDF)
PI 37 Grants for national teacher certification or master educator licensure (PDF: PDF)
PI 38 Grants for peer review and mentoring (PDF: PDF)
PI 39 Grants for tribal language revitalization (PDF: PDF)
PI 40 Youth options program (PDF: PDF)
PI 41 Accommodation of religious beliefs (PDF: PDF)
PI 43 Education reform (PDF: PDF)
PI 44 Grants for alternative education programs (PDF: PDF)
PI 45 Use of race-based nicknames, logos, mascots, and team names (PDF: PDF)
PI 47 Equivalency process for educator effectiveness (PDF: PDF)