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TCS 1 District reorganization proceedings (PDF: PDF)
TCS 2 District board member appointments (PDF: PDF)
TCS 3 Certification of personnel: requirements and procedures (PDF: PDF)
TCS 4 Administrative hearing procedures (PDF: PDF)
TCS 5 Facility development procedures (PDF: PDF)
TCS 6 General district policies (PDF: PDF)
TCS 7 District budget, audit and finance (PDF: PDF)
TCS 8 Contract for services (PDF: PDF)
TCS 9 District reporting of students participating in compulsory school attendance, youth options and technical preparation programs (PDF: PDF)
TCS 10 Residency, admissions and fee refunds (PDF: PDF)
TCS 11 Technical college instructor occupational competency program (PDF: PDF)
TCS 12 Wisconsin environmental policy act procedures (PDF: PDF)
TCS 13 Alcohol and other drug abuse prevention and intervention program (PDF: PDF)
TCS 14 Accommodation of student religious beliefs (PDF: PDF)
TCS 15 Faculty development grants (PDF: PDF)
TCS 16 Technical and occupational program grants (PDF: PDF)
TCS 17 Training program grants (PDF: PDF)