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UWS 1 Definitions of terms used in chs. UWS 1 to 6 (PDF: PDF)
UWS 2 Faculty rules, coverage and delegation (PDF: PDF)
UWS 3 Faculty appointments (PDF: PDF)
UWS 4 Procedures for dismissal (PDF: PDF)
UWS 5 Layoff and termination for reasons of financial emergency (PDF: PDF)
UWS 6 Complaints and grievances (PDF: PDF)
UWS 7 Dismissal of faculty in special cases (PDF: PDF)
UWS 8 Unclassified staff code of ethics (PDF: PDF)
UWS 9 Academic staff rules: coverage and delegation (PDF: PDF)
UWS 10 Academic staff appointments (PDF: PDF)
UWS 11 Dismissal of academic staff for cause (PDF: PDF)
UWS 12 Layoff of academic staff for reasons of budget or program (PDF: PDF)
UWS 13 Complaints and grievances (PDF: PDF)
UWS 14 Student academic disciplinary procedures (PDF: PDF)
UWS 15 Limited appointments (PDF: PDF)
UWS 16 Other appointments (PDF: PDF)
UWS 17 Student nonacademic disciplinary procedures (PDF: PDF)
UWS 18 Conduct on university lands (PDF: PDF)
UWS 19 Sick leave (PDF: PDF)
UWS 20 Nonresident tuition determination procedures and appeals (PDF: PDF)
UWS 21 Use of university facilities (PDF: PDF)
UWS 22 Accommodation of religious beliefs (PDF: PDF)
UWS 23 Physician and dentist loan assistance program (PDF: PDF)
UWS 24 Health care provider loan assistance program (PDF: PDF)