SCR 30.01   Board of bar examiners.
SCR 30.02   Official duties.
Effective date note Note: SCR Chapter 30 was adopted June 29, 1976, eff. January 1, 1977; amended November 5, 1976; November 18, 1977; December 11, 1979; July 1, 1986; January 1, 1991; January 11, 1994; June 29, 1999, April 20, 2000.
30.01 SCR 30.01 Board of bar examiners.
30.01(1)(1) A board of bar examiners appointed by the supreme court is created. The board shall consist of 11 members as follows: 5 shall be members of the bar of this state, 3 shall be selected from the judiciary of this state and the faculty of the law schools of this state, and 3 shall be selected from the public at large. Members shall serve staggered terms. The initial term of a member is 3 years; a member may serve not more than one successive 3-year term. Each member shall serve until a successor is appointed and qualified. The board shall select its chairperson and any other officers. The members of the board shall serve without compensation but shall be paid their reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.
30.01(1m) (1m) A quorum of the board consists of a majority of members currently serving.
30.01(2) (2) The board shall have general supervisory authority over the administration of SCR chapters 31 and 40. Each year the board shall submit its budget to the court for approval, together with an annual report of its activities to permit the supreme court, the bar and the public to evaluate its performance.
30.01(3) (3) Administration of SCR Chapter 31 shall be funded by the state bar. Administration of SCR Chapter 40 shall be funded by applicant fees.
SCR 30.01 History History: Sup. Ct. Order No. 94-01, 187 Wis. 2d xxxiii (1994); Sup. Ct. Order No. 99-05, 226 Wis. 2d xix (1999); Sup. Ct. Order No. 00-01, 2000 WI 33, 233 Wis. 2d xix.
30.02 SCR 30.02 Official duties. Board members, board staff and board counsel acting in the course of their official duties under the statutes and SCR chapters 30, 31 and 40 and supreme court orders are acting on behalf of the supreme court.
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