SCR 68.01   Purpose.
SCR 68.02   Definitions.
SCR 68.03   Remodeling, construction, or relocation of court facilities or personnel.
SCR 68.04   Judicial officer authority.
SCR 68.05   Security and facilities committee.
SCR 68.06   Security: structure and design.
SCR 68.07   Security: personnel.
SCR 68.08   Security: equipment.
SCR 68.09   Court facilities: planning.
SCR 68.10   Court facilities: courtrooms.
SCR 68.11   Court facilities: auxiliary areas.
SCR 68.12   Staffing.
SCR 68.13   Director of state courts.
SCR 68.14   Review of standards; report.
SCR 68 Note Note: SCR Chapter 68 was created March 15, 2012; amended July 1, 2019.
68.01 SCR 68.01 Purpose.
68.01(1)(1) This chapter is promulgated by the supreme court to promote communication among circuit courts, county officials, court planners, architects and contractors concerning court facilities issues. It recognizes the constitutionally appropriate participation of the supreme court and circuit courts in addressing their facilities and staffing needs and priorities within the constraints established by funding limitations and budget priorities. This chapter recognizes the court's authority to direct activities and policies of the director of state courts and of the judiciary. It is intended to assist counties and courts in making sound decisions about the court facilities that serve the citizens of their Wisconsin communities.
68.01(2) (2) This chapter does not create a fixed standard. It is intended to be a statement of general purpose and procedure which establishes a flexible framework for courts' participation in decision-making regarding court facilities while recognizing the wide range of needs and circumstances which exist in counties across the state.
68.01(3) (3) The standards in this chapter apply to existing court facilities, to the construction, remodeling and relocation of court facilities and to the review and approval of court facilities under SCR 68.03 (2) and (4).
SCR 68.01 Note Comment: SCR Chapter 68 is the culmination of an administrative rule petition filed by the Director of State Courts on behalf of the Planning and Policy Advisory Committee (“Petitioners") on June 30, 2011. Subsequent to the filing of the rule petition the Wisconsin Legislature enacted 2011 Wisconsin Act 35 (the “concealed carry" legislation) on July 8, 2011. The Petitioners advised this court that 2011 Wisconsin Act 35 was deemed beyond the scope of Chapter 68 and that this Chapter is not intended to address issues presented by 2011 Wisconsin Act 35 or regarding the constitutional right to bear arms.
SCR 68.01 History History: Sup. Ct. Order No. 11-03, 2012 WI 25, 339 Wis. 2d xvii.
68.02 SCR 68.02 Definitions.
68.02(1)(1) In this chapter:
68.02(1)(a) (a) “Committee" means the security and facilities committee under SCR 68.05.
68.02(1)(b) (b) “Court facility" means the facilities used in the operation of the circuit court including without limitation the courtroom, court chambers, the office and storage area of any court commissioner, court reporter, clerk of circuit court, register in probate, clerk of juvenile court, family court counseling, the jury room, jury assembly areas, judicial staff areas, areas that may affect the security of a court, court staff and the public using a court, areas used for access to a court and any other facilities used in the operation of a court, where court proceedings are conducted or judicial staff is housed.
68.02(1)(c) (c) “Presiding judge" means the judge appointed under SCR 70.265 or means the judge in a single branch circuit.
68.02(1)(d) (d) “Should" is directory only, not mandatory, and connotes a duty or obligation to pursue a goal or objective.
68.02(1)(e) (e) “Judicial officer" means a circuit court judge or court commissioner.
68.02(1)(f) (f) “Sworn officer" means a deputy sheriff or police officer.
68.02(1)(g) (g) “Court security officer" means a non-sworn officer whose principal function is to provide security in and about the courtroom and court facility.
68.02(1)(h) (h) “Court aide" means a civilian who works with juries, provides routine information and directions to the public, and assists the court.
SCR 68.02 History History: Sup. Ct. Order No. 11-03, 2012 WI 25, 339 Wis. 2d xvii.
68.03 SCR 68.03 Remodeling, construction, or relocation of court facilities or personnel.
68.03(1) (1) The circuit judges shall promptly notify the chief judge of the judicial district, in writing, of the county's intent to remodel, construct or relocate any court facility or to relocate any court personnel.
68.03(2) (2) The circuit judges and the chief judge, in cooperation with appropriate county officials, shall review any proposals under sub. (1) together with any drawings or plans. The circuit judges and the chief judge shall participate in the planning process to ensure that the proposals under sub. (1) are consistent with current court facility standards, including those relating to functional design, audio-visual and acoustical adequacy and security of the courts and the public, and that they conform to the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act and other federal, state and local laws.
SCR 68.03 Note Comment: The technical requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act are beyond the scope of these standards. Compliance with federal law requires certain accommodations to be included in all projects.
68.03(3) (3) The director of state courts shall provide technical assistance and advice on any proposals under sub. (1), within the resources available to the director's office.
68.03(4) (4) The chief judge shall review every new, remodeled or relocated court facility and grant or deny approval for its use, subject to review by the supreme court.
68.03(5) (5) No circuit judge or court staff may occupy a new, remodeled or relocated court facility until the court facility is approved under sub. (4).
SCR 68.03 History History: Sup. Ct. Order No. 11-03, 2012 WI 25, 339 Wis. 2d xvii.
68.04 SCR 68.04 Judicial officer authority. Day to day security decisions and case specific security are within the discretion of each individual judicial officer. The judicial officer shall consult as needed, with the chief judge, the sworn officers, or the court security officers.
SCR 68.04 Note Comment: This provision confirms the authority of a presiding judge in his or her own courtroom. See, e.g., Stevenson v. Milwaukee County, 140 Wis. 14 (1909).
SCR 68.04 History History: Sup. Ct. Order No. 11-03, 2012 WI 25, 339 Wis. 2d xvii.
68.05 SCR 68.05 Security and facilities committee.
68.05(1) (1) The presiding judge for each county shall appoint a security and facilities committee composed of all of the following:
68.05(1)(a) (a) One circuit judge to serve as chairperson.
68.05(1)(b) (b) The chairperson of the county board.
68.05(1)(c) (c) The county executive, county administrator, or administrative coordinator.
68.05(1)(d) (d) The clerk of the circuit court.
68.05(1)(e) (e) The county sheriff.
68.05(1)(f) (f) The district attorney.
68.05(1)(g) (g) The Wisconsin State Public Defender.
68.05(1)(h) (h) A circuit court commissioner.
68.05(1)(i) (i) One lawyer designated by the president of the local bar association. If there is no association, the presiding judge shall appoint a lawyer residing in the county.
68.05(1)(j) (j) One representative of a victim-witness support organization.
68.05(1)(k) (k) One representative of the facilities/maintenance department.
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