145.01(11) (11)Plumbing apprentice. “Plumbing apprentice" means any person other than a journeyman or master plumber who is engaged in learning and assisting in the installation of plumbing and drainage.
145.01(12) (12)Private on-site wastewater treatment system. “Private on-site wastewater treatment system" means a sewage treatment and disposal system serving a single structure with a septic tank and soil absorption field located on the same parcel as the structure. This term also means an alternative sewage system approved by the department including a substitute for the septic tank or soil absorption field, a holding tank, a system serving more than one structure or a system located on a different parcel than the structure. A private on-site wastewater treatment system may be owned by the property owner or by a special purpose district.
145.01(13) (13)Registered learner. “Registered learner" means a person, other than a restricted plumber licensee, who is learning a limited type of plumbing and is engaged in assisting a restricted plumber licensee.
145.01(14) (14)Restricted plumber licensee. “Restricted plumber licensee" means any person licensed as a master plumber (restricted) or a journeyman plumber (restricted) under s. 145.14.
145.01(15) (15)Utility contractor. “Utility contractor" means a person licensed under s. 145.07 (10).
145.01(17) (17)Waters of the state. “Waters of the state" has the meaning specified under s. 281.01 (18).
145.02 145.02 Powers of department.
145.02(1) (1) The construction, installation and maintenance of plumbing in connection with all buildings in this state, including buildings owned by the state or any political subdivision thereof, shall be safe, sanitary and such as to safeguard the public health and the waters of the state.
145.02(2) (2)
145.02(2)(a)(a) The department shall have general supervision of all such plumbing and shall after public hearing prescribe and publish and enforce reasonable standards therefor which shall be uniform and of statewide concern so far as practicable. Any employee designated by the department may act for the department in holding the public hearing required under this subsection. To the extent that the historic building code applies to the subject matter of these standards, the standards do not apply to a qualified historic building if the owner elects to be subject to s. 101.121. The standards do not apply to a primitive rural hunting cabin, as defined in s. 101.61 (3).
145.02(2)(b) (b) The department shall promulgate rules that establish separate plumbing standards applicable only to camping units that are set in a fixed location in a campground for which a permit is issued under s. 254.47 [s. 97.67], that contain a sleeping place, and that are used for seasonal overnight camping. If the department has appointed one or more committees under s. 227.13 to advise the department on rule making with respect to private on-site wastewater treatment systems or other plumbing systems, the department shall promulgate the rules required under this paragraph in consultation with those committees.
145.02 Note NOTE: The correct cross-reference is shown in brackets. Corrective legislation is pending.
145.02(3) (3) The department may exercise such powers as are reasonably necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter. It may, among other things:
145.02(3)(a) (a) Employ competent supervisors who shall be licensed plumbers, and other assistants, prescribe their qualifications and assign their duties.
145.02(3)(b) (b) Conduct investigations and experiments for the advancement of technical knowledge relating to plumbing and may hold public meetings and attend or be represented at such meetings within or without the state.
145.02(3)(c) (c) Enter and inspect at reasonable hours plumbing installations on private or public property and may disseminate information relative to the provisions of this chapter.
145.02(3)(d) (d) Prepare and cause to be printed such codes, bulletins or other documents as may be necessary and furnish copies thereof to those engaged in the plumbing business and to the public upon request.
145.02(3)(e) (e) Furnish upon request of the owner of the building or of the plumber making the plumbing installation, recommendations or a certificate of inspection.
145.02(3)(f) (f) Issue special orders directing and requiring compliance with the rules and standards of the department promulgated under this chapter whenever, in the judgment of the department, the rules or standards are threatened with violation, are being violated or have been violated. The circuit court for any county where violation of such an order occurs has jurisdiction to enforce and shall enforce any order brought before it by injunctive and other appropriate relief. The attorney general or the district attorney of the county where the violation of the order occurs shall bring action for its enforcement. The department may issue an order under this paragraph to abate a violation of s. 254.59.
145.02(3)(g) (g) By rule, fix fees for the examination and approval of plans of plumbing systems and collect the same.
145.02(3)(h) (h) Promulgate rules concerning the testing of cross-connection control devices, including rules identifying the types of cross-connection control devices that may be tested only by a registered cross-connection control tester and the circumstances under which cross-connection control devices shall be tested.
145.02(4) (4)
145.02(4)(a)(a) The department shall prescribe rules as to the qualifications, examination and licensing of master and journeyman plumbers and restricted plumber licensees, for the licensing of utility contractors, for the registration of plumbing apprentices and pipe layers and for the registration and training of registered learners. The plumbers council, created under s. 15.407 (16), shall advise the department in formulating the rules.
145.02(4)(b) (b) The department may promulgate rules for the qualification and registration of cross-connection control testers.
145.02 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also chs. SPS 381, 382, 383, 384, 385, 386, 387, and 391, Wis. adm. code.
145.02 Annotation Sub. (2) did not invalidate a town ordinance prohibiting residential sewage holding tanks. Konkel v. Town of Raymond, 101 Wis. 2d 704, 305 N.W.2d 190 (Ct. App. 1981).
145.02 Annotation Counties must obtain state approval before permitting private experimental sanitation systems. Citizen committees appointed by the county board may not engage in setting plumbing standards. 60 Atty. Gen. 209.
145.035 145.035 Temporary permits. The department may issue temporary revocable permits to master and journeyman plumbers pending examination, and for such purpose may appoint agents without compensation or may authorize one of its examiners or plumbing supervisors to hold a special permit examination, the result of which to be reported to the department in writing. The department may make rules and prescribe procedure governing the issuance of such permits.
145.035 History History: 1971 c. 40.
145.04 145.04 Water and sewerage systems.
145.04(1) (1)Ordinance rules. A 1st, 2nd or 3rd class city with a water system or sewerage system shall, and a village, 4th class city, town, county or metropolitan sewerage commission may, by ordinance, prescribe rules relating to local permits for the installation, alteration and inspection of plumbing to safeguard the public health.
145.04(2) (2)No local licenses. No city, village, town, town sanitary district, county, metropolitan sewerage district commission or other agency may require the licensing of any person licensed or registered under this chapter or prohibit the person from engaging in or working at business within the scope of the person's license or permit.
145.04(3) (3)Reports to department. The authorities of any such city or metropolitan sewerage district shall report to the department each failure on the part of a state licensed plumber to qualify as a journeyman or master plumber and each willful violation of any plumbing regulation.
145.04 History History: 1971 c. 194; 1989 a. 56; 1993 a. 482; 1995 a. 378.
145.045 145.045 Certification of soil testers.
145.045(1) (1)Powers and duties. The department shall by rule establish an examining program for the certification of soil testers, setting such standards as the department finds necessary to accomplish the purposes of this chapter. Such standards shall include formal written examinations for all applicants. The department shall charge applicants for the cost of examination and certification. After July 1, 1974, no person may construct soil bore holes or conduct soil percolation tests or other similar tests specified by the department that relate to private on-site wastewater treatment systems unless the person holds a valid certificate issued under this section.
145.045(2) (2)Revocation of certificate. The department may revoke or suspend the certification of any soil tester but only after a formal hearing for the practice of any fraud or deceit in obtaining the certificate or any gross negligence, incompetence or misconduct in the practice of soil testing.
145.045(3) (3)Plumbers and septic tank installers. A plumber or septic tank installer may also be a soil tester and install any system after approval of the site or project by the department or the governmental unit responsible for the regulation of private on-site wastewater treatment systems.
145.045 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also s. SPS 305.33, Wis. adm. code.
145.045 Annotation Soil absorption tests conducted by persons certified under this section must be accepted by county governments. 63 Atty. Gen. 586.
145.05 145.05 Plumbing supervisors, supervision.
145.05(1) (1) The common council of a 1st, 2nd or 3rd class city with a water system or sewerage system, or the officer or board in charge, shall appoint one or more plumbing supervisors, who shall be licensed plumbers, and unless under civil service shall serve for a term of 4 years or more subject to removal for just cause except as otherwise provided by ordinance when first appointed, but need not renew their licenses while they continue in office. The common council of a 4th class city, the board of a village, town or county or the commissioner in charge of any metropolitan sewerage district may appoint one or more plumbing supervisors who shall be practical plumbers, skilled sanitarians, or competent persons familiar with plumbing and unless under civil service shall serve for a term of 4 years or more subject to removal for just cause except as otherwise provided by ordinance. They shall supervise all plumbing, new or alterations or repairs, and report to the appointing body violations of regulations, and perform such other appropriate duties as may be required. Their compensation shall be fixed by the council, board or commission.
145.05(2) (2) If a water system or sewerage system is established in any city, village, town or metropolitan sewerage district which has not provided for a board or officer to supervise plumbing, drainage and sewerage, the department shall take immediate and entire control of plumbing, drainage and sewerage intended to be connected with the water system or sewerage system, and exercise all the powers conferred by this section until such municipalities or district provides for such supervision.
145.05 History History: 1989 a. 56; 1995 a. 378.
145.06 145.06 License or registration required; exemptions.
145.06(1)(a)(a) No person may engage in or work at plumbing in the state unless licensed to do so by the department. A master plumber may work as a journeyman. No person may act as a plumbing apprentice or pipe layer unless registered with the department.
145.06(1)(b) (b) No public utility shall engage in or perform plumbing unless exempted by sub. (4).
145.06(2) (2) No person shall install plumbing unless at all times a licensed master plumber is in charge, who shall be responsible for proper installation. Licenses shall be issued only to individuals and no license shall be issued to or in the name of any firm or corporation. No such license shall be transferable. It is unlawful for any licensed master plumber to allow the use of his or her license, directly or indirectly, for the purpose of obtaining local permits for others or to allow the use of his or her license by others to install plumbing work.
145.06(3) (3) Each member or employee of a partnership or limited liability company or each officer or employee of a corporation engaging in the business of superintending plumbing installations shall be required to apply for and obtain a master plumber's license before engaging in the work of superintending plumbing installations.
145.06(3m) (3m) No person may test the performance of cross-connection control devices when the test is required by the department unless he or she is registered with the department as a cross-connection control tester.
145.06(4) (4) This section shall not apply to:
145.06(4)(a) (a) Plumbing work done by a property owner in a one-family building owned and occupied by him or her as his or her home or farm building, except where such license is required by local ordinance.
145.06(4)(b) (b) Plumbing from the private water supply pump to and including the initial pressure tank and connection to an existing water distribution system, when installed by persons licensed under ch. 280.
145.06(4)(c) (c) Installation of sewer and water service piping from the main to the property lot line, when installed by authorized municipal utility employees or sewer and water utility installers under a contract with a municipality.
145.06(4)(d) (d) Making minor repairs to faucets, valves, pipes or appliances, repair or replacement of electrical or gas energy or other automatic valves or control devices or removing of stoppages in waste or drainage pipes.
145.06(4)(e) (e) Installation of sewer and water mains, when installed by sewer and water utility contractors and their employees.
145.06(4)(f) (f) Installation, repair or replacement of water service piping, from the property line to the meter, including meter installation, to service any building or structure or proposed building or structure when such installation, repair or replacement is accomplished by employees of a public municipal water utility, providing such utility regularly has engaged in such installation, repair or replacement for at least 5 years prior to January 1, 1964.
145.06 History History: 1977 c. 314; 1983 a. 189; 1993 a. 112, 322, 482, 490; 1995 a. 227.
145.06 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ss. SPS 305.90, 305.91, 305.92, 305.93, 305.94, 305.95, 305.96, 305.97, 305.98, and 305.99, Wis. adm. code.
145.07 145.07 Licenses and registration; examinations.
145.07(2)(2) Application for a master or journeyman plumber's examination, temporary permit or license shall be made to the department with fees. Unless the applicant is entitled to a renewal of license, a license shall be issued only after the applicant passes a satisfactory examination showing fitness. No such license or permit shall be transferable.
145.07(3) (3) An applicant for examination for licensure as a master plumber shall submit evidence satisfactory to the department as follows:
145.07(3)(a) (a) A specific record of not less than 1,000 hours per year experience for 3 or more years as a licensed journeyman plumber in this state; or
145.07(3)(b) (b) Graduation in engineering from a school or college approved by the department.
145.07(4) (4) An applicant for examination for licensure as a journeyman plumber shall submit evidence satisfactory to the department that he or she has completed a plumbing apprenticeship under s. 106.025.
145.07(5) (5) Any resident who has been actively engaged in this state in a limited type of plumbing installation work for a period of not less than 1,000 hours per year for 2 or more years as a licensed journeyman plumber (restricted) may be examined for licensure as a master plumber (restricted).
145.07(6) (6) Applicants for examination for licensure as a journeyman plumber (restricted) shall have completed one continuous year of work experience consisting of not less than 1,000 hours per year and give evidence of completion of shop training and related instruction as the department by rule requires.
145.07(7) (7) A person shall be registered as a registered learner with the department without examination or training prequalifications and shall not be required to be employed under an apprentice contract under s. 106.01.
145.07(9) (9) Master plumbers, journeyman plumbers and apprentices are not subject to the restrictions under s. 145.14.
145.07(10) (10) An application for a utility contractor's license shall be made to the department with fees required by the department under s. 145.08 (1) (o). The department shall issue a utility contractor's license to any person who is skilled in the planning, superintending and practical installation, within public or private premises, of piping which conveys sewage, rain water or other liquid wastes to a legal point of disposal and who is skilled in the design, planning, superintending and practical installation of water service piping from the street main to the immediate inside building perimeter.
145.07(11) (11) An application for registration as a pipelayer shall be made to the department with the fees required by the department under s. 145.08 (1) (q). The department shall approve the registration of any person as a pipelayer if the person is employed by a utility contractor and if the person is engaged in the practical installation, within public or private premises, of piping which conveys sewage, rain water or other liquid wastes to a legal point of disposal or engages in the practical installation of water service piping from the street main to the immediate inside building perimeter.
145.07(12) (12) An applicant for registration as a cross-connection control tester shall submit an application and registration fee to the department as prescribed by the rules promulgated under s. 145.02 (4) (b).
145.08 145.08 Fees; expiration of license; registration.
145.08(1)(1) The department shall establish fees by rule for the examinations, licenses, and registrations specified in this section. The fees established by the department shall as closely as possible equal the cost of providing the following services:
145.08(1)(a) (a) Administering a master plumber's examination.
145.08(1)(b) (b) Issuing a master plumber's license.
145.08(1)(c) (c) Administering a journeyman plumber's examination.
145.08(1)(d) (d) Issuing a journeyman plumber's license.
145.08(1)(e) (e) Issuing a temporary permit pending examination and issuance of a license for master plumber or journeyman plumber.
145.08(1)(f) (f) Administering a master plumber's (restricted) examination.
145.08(1)(g) (g) Issuing a master plumber's license (restricted).
145.08(1)(h) (h) Administering a journeyman plumber's (restricted) examination.
145.08(1)(i) (i) Issuing a journeyman plumber's license (restricted).
145.08(1)(k) (k) Administering an automatic fire sprinkler contractor's examination.
2015-16 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2017 Wis. Act 141 and all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders effective on or before March 14, 2018. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after March 14, 2018 are designated by NOTES. (Published 3-14-18)