227.115   Review of rules affecting housing.
227.116   Rules to include time period.
227.117   Review of rules impacting energy availability.
227.12   Petition for rules.
227.13   Advisory committees and informal consultations.
227.135   Statements of scope of proposed rules.
227.136   Preliminary public hearing and comment period.
227.137   Economic impact analyses of proposed rules.
227.138   Retrospective economic impact analyses for rules.
227.139   Passage of bill required for certain rules.
227.14   Preparation of proposed rules.
227.15   Legislative council staff.
227.16   When hearings required.
227.17   Notice of hearing.
227.18   Conduct of hearings.
227.185   Approval by governor.
227.19   Legislative review prior to promulgation.
227.20   Filing of rules.
227.21   Publication of rules; incorporation by reference.
227.22   Effective date of rules.
227.23   Forms.
227.24   Emergency rules; exemptions.
227.25   Legislative reference bureau.
227.26   Legislative review after promulgation; joint committee for review of administrative rules.
227.265   Repeal or modification of rules.
227.27   Construction of administrative rules.
227.29   Agency review of rules and enactments.
227.30   Review of administrative rules or guidelines.
227.40   Declaratory judgment proceedings.
227.41   Declaratory rulings.
227.42   Right to hearing.
227.43   Division of hearings and appeals.
227.44   Contested cases; notice; parties; hearing; records.
227.445   Substitution of hearing examiner assigned by division of hearings and appeals.
227.45   Evidence and official notice.
227.46   Hearing examiners; examination of evidence by agency.
227.47   Decisions.
227.48   Service of decision.
227.483   Costs upon frivolous claims.
227.485   Costs to certain prevailing parties.
227.49   Petitions for rehearing in contested cases.
227.50   Ex parte communications in contested cases.
227.51   Licenses.
227.52   Judicial review; decisions reviewable.
227.53   Parties and proceedings for review.
227.54   Stay of proceedings.
227.55   Record on review.
227.56   Additional evidence; trial; motion to dismiss; amending petition.
227.57   Scope of review.
227.58   Appeals.
227.59   Certification of certain cases from the circuit court of Dane County to other circuits.
227.60   Jurisdiction of state courts to determine validity of laws when attacked in federal court and to stay enforcement.
subch. I of ch. 227 SUBCHAPTER I
227.01 227.01 Definitions. In this chapter:
227.01(1) (1)“Agency" means a board, commission, committee, department or officer in the state government, except the governor, a district attorney or a military or judicial officer.
227.01(2) (2)“Code," when used without further modification, means the Wisconsin administrative code under s. 35.93.
227.01(3) (3)“Contested case" means an agency proceeding in which the assertion by one party of any substantial interest is denied or controverted by another party and in which, after a hearing required by law, a substantial interest of a party is determined or adversely affected by a decision or order. There are 3 classes of contested cases as follows:
227.01(3)(a) (a) A “class 1 proceeding" is a proceeding in which an agency acts under standards conferring substantial discretionary authority upon it. “Class 1 proceedings" include rate making, price setting, the granting of a certificate of convenience and necessity, the making, review or equalization of tax assessments and the granting or denial of a license.
227.01(3)(b) (b) A “class 2 proceeding" is a proceeding in which an agency determines whether to impose a sanction or penalty against a party. “Class 2 proceedings" include the suspension or revocation of or refusal to renew a license because of an alleged violation of law. Any proceeding which could be construed to be both a class 1 and a class 2 proceeding shall be treated as a class 2 proceeding.
227.01(3)(c) (c) A “class 3 proceeding" is any contested case not included in class 1 or class 2.
227.01(3m) (3m)
227.01(3m)(a)(a) “Guidance document" means, except as provided in par. (b), any formal or official document or communication issued by an agency, including a manual, handbook, directive, or informational bulletin, that does any of the following:
227.01(3m)(a)1. 1. Explains the agency's implementation of a statute or rule enforced or administered by the agency, including the current or proposed operating procedure of the agency.
227.01(3m)(a)2. 2. Provides guidance or advice with respect to how the agency is likely to apply a statute or rule enforced or administered by the agency, if that guidance or advice is likely to apply to a class of persons similarly affected.
227.01(3m)(b) (b) “Guidance document" does not include any of the following:
227.01(3m)(b)1. 1. A rule that has been promulgated and that is currently in effect or a proposed rule that is in the process of being promulgated.
227.01(3m)(b)2. 2. A standard adopted, or a statement of policy or interpretation made, whether preliminary or final, in the decision of a contested case, in a private letter ruling under s. 73.035, or in an agency decision upon or disposition of a particular matter as applied to a specific set of facts.
227.01(3m)(b)3. 3. Any document or activity described in sub. (13) (a) to (zz), except that “guidance document" includes a pamphlet or other explanatory material described under sub. (13) (r) that otherwise satisfies the definition of “guidance document" under par. (a).
227.01(3m)(b)4. 4. Any document that any statute specifically provides is not required to be promulgated as a rule.
227.01(3m)(b)5. 5. A declaratory ruling issued under s. 227.41.
227.01(3m)(b)6. 6. A pleading or brief filed in court by the state, an agency, or an agency official.
227.01(3m)(b)7. 7. A letter or written legal advice of the department of justice or a formal or informal opinion of the attorney general, including an opinion issued under s. 165.015 (1).
227.01(3m)(b)8. 8. Any document or communication for which a procedure for public input, other than that provided under s. 227.112 (1), is provided by law.
227.01(3m)(b)9. 9. Any document or communication that is not subject to the right of inspection and copying under s. 19.35 (1).
227.01(4) (4)“Hearing examiner" means a person designated under s. 227.43 or 227.46 (1) to preside over a contested case.
227.01(5) (5)“License" includes all or any part of an agency permit, certificate, approval, registration, charter or similar form of permission required by law, except a motor vehicle operator's license issued under ch. 343, a vehicle registration certificate issued under ch. 341, a license required primarily for revenue purposes, a hunting or fishing approval or a similar license where issuance is merely a ministerial act.
227.01(6) (6)“Licensing" means an agency process relating to the granting, denial, renewal, revocation, suspension, annulment, withdrawal or amendment of a license.
227.01(7) (7)“Official of the agency" means a secretary, commissioner or member of a board of an agency.
227.01(8) (8)“Party" means a person or agency named or admitted as a party in a contested case.
227.01(8m) (8m)“Permanent rule" means a rule other than a rule promulgated under s. 227.24.
227.01(9) (9)“Person aggrieved" means a person or agency whose substantial interests are adversely affected by a determination of an agency.
227.01(10) (10)“Proposed rule" means all or any part of an agency's proposal to promulgate a rule.
227.01(11) (11)“Register" means the Wisconsin administrative register under s. 35.93.
227.01(13) (13)“Rule" means a regulation, standard, statement of policy, or general order of general application that has the force of law and that is issued by an agency to implement, interpret, or make specific legislation enforced or administered by the agency or to govern the organization or procedure of the agency. “Rule" includes a modification of a rule under s. 227.265. “Rule" does not include, and s. 227.10 does not apply to, any action or inaction of an agency, whether it would otherwise meet the definition under this subsection, that:
227.01(13)(a) (a) Concerns the internal management of an agency and does not affect private rights or interests.
2017-18 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2019 Wis. Act 50 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on December 6, 2019. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after December 6, 2019, are designated by NOTES. (Published 12-6-19)