440.03(13)(b)6. 6. Appraiser, real estate, certified general.
440.03(13)(b)7. 7. Appraiser, real estate, certified residential.
440.03(13)(b)8. 8. Appraiser, real estate, licensed.
440.03(13)(b)9. 9. Architect.
440.03(13)(b)10. 10. Athletic trainer.
440.03(13)(b)11. 11. Auctioneer.
440.03(13)(b)12. 12. Audiologist.
440.03(13)(b)13. 13. Barber.
440.03(13)(b)14. 14. Barbering instructor.
440.03(13)(b)15. 15. Barbering manager.
440.03(13)(b)15m. 15m. Behavior analyst.
440.03(13)(b)16. 16. Boxer.
440.03(13)(b)17. 17. Cemetery preneed seller.
440.03(13)(b)18. 18. Cemetery salesperson.
440.03(13)(b)18g. 18g. Chiropractic radiological technician.
440.03(13)(b)18r. 18r. Chiropractic technician.
440.03(13)(b)19. 19. Chiropractor.
440.03(13)(b)19e. 19e. Cosmetologist.
440.03(13)(b)19m. 19m. Cosmetology instructor.
440.03(13)(b)19s. 19s. Cosmetology manager.
440.03(13)(b)20. 20. Dental hygienist.
440.03(13)(b)21. 21. Dentist.
440.03(13)(b)22. 22. Designer of engineering systems.
440.03(13)(b)23. 23. Dietitian.
440.03(13)(b)24. 24. Drug distributor.
440.03(13)(b)25. 25. Drug manufacturer.
440.03(13)(b)26. 26. Electrologist.
440.03(13)(b)27. 27. Electrology instructor.
440.03(13)(b)28. 28. Engineer, professional.
440.03(13)(b)30. 30. Funeral director.
440.03(13)(b)31. 31. Hearing instrument specialist.
440.03(13)(b)32. 32. Home inspector.
440.03(13)(b)32m. 32m. Juvenile martial arts instructor.
440.03(13)(b)33. 33. Landscape architect.
440.03(13)(b)34. 34. Land surveyor, professional.
440.03(13)(b)35. 35. Manicuring instructor.
440.03(13)(b)36. 36. Manicurist.
440.03(13)(b)37. 37. Marriage and family therapist.
440.03(13)(b)38. 38. Massage therapist or bodywork therapist.
440.03(13)(b)38m. 38m. Mobile dentistry program registrant.
440.03 Note NOTE: Subd. 38m. is created by 2013 Wis. Act 244 effective the 1st day of the 3rd month beginning after the legislative reference bureau receives the notice from the dentistry examining board under section 15 (1) of Act 244.
440.03(13)(b)39. 39. Music, art, or dance therapist.
440.03(13)(b)40. 40. Nurse, licensed practical.
440.03(13)(b)41. 41. Nurse, registered.
440.03(13)(b)42. 42. Nurse-midwife.
440.03(13)(b)43. 43. Nursing home administrator.
440.03(13)(b)44. 44. Occupational therapist.
440.03(13)(b)45. 45. Occupational therapy assistant.
440.03(13)(b)46. 46. Optometrist.
440.03(13)(b)47. 47. Perfusionist.
440.03(13)(b)48. 48. Pharmacist.
440.03(13)(b)49. 49. Physical therapist.
440.03(13)(b)50. 50. Physical therapist assistant.
440.03(13)(b)51. 51. Physician.
440.03(13)(b)52. 52. Physician assistant.
440.03(13)(b)53. 53. Podiatrist.
440.03(13)(b)54. 54. Private detective.
440.03(13)(b)55. 55. Private practice school psychologist.
440.03(13)(b)56. 56. Private security person.
440.03(13)(b)57. 57. Professional counselor.
440.03(13)(b)59. 59. Professional geologist.
440.03(13)(b)60. 60. Professional hydrologist.
440.03(13)(b)61. 61. Professional soil scientist.
440.03(13)(b)62. 62. Psychologist.
440.03(13)(b)63. 63. Real estate broker.
440.03(13)(b)64. 64. Real estate salesperson.
440.03(13)(b)65. 65. Registered interior designer.
440.03(13)(b)66. 66. Respiratory care practitioner.
440.03(13)(b)66d. 66d. Sanitarian.
440.03(13)(b)67. 67. Social worker.
440.03(13)(b)68. 68. Social worker, advanced practice.
440.03(13)(b)69. 69. Social worker, independent.
440.03(13)(b)70. 70. Social worker, independent clinical.
440.03(13)(b)71. 71. Speech-language pathologist.
440.03(13)(b)72. 72. Time-share salesperson.
Effective date note NOTE: Subd. 72. is repealed eff. 12-14-16 by 2015 Wis. Act 258.
440.03(13)(b)75. 75. Any other profession or occupation specified by law that is regulated by the department or a credentialing board.
440.03(13)(bm) (bm) Upon a request by the real estate examining board, the department may conduct an investigation to determine whether an individual seeking a determination by the real estate examining board under the rules promulgated under s. 452.07 (2) has an arrest or conviction record. In conducting an investigation under this paragraph, the department may require an individual to provide any information that is necessary for the investigation.
440.03(13)(c) (c) The department shall require an applicant for a private detective license or a private security permit under s. 440.26, an applicant for a juvenile martial arts instructor permit under sub. (17), an applicant for a real estate appraiser certification under s. 458.06 or license under s. 458.08, and a person for whom the department conducts an investigation under par. (b), to be photographed and fingerprinted on 2 fingerprint cards, each bearing a complete set of the person's fingerprints. The department of justice may submit the fingerprint cards, and the department of justice shall submit the fingerprint cards of all applicants for a real estate appraiser certification under s. 458.06 or license under s. 458.08, to the federal bureau of investigation for the purpose of verifying the identity of the persons fingerprinted and obtaining records of their criminal arrests and convictions.
440.03(13)(d) (d) The department shall charge an applicant any fees, costs, or other expenses incurred in conducting any investigation under this subsection or s. 440.26. The department shall charge an applicant seeking licensure through the interstate medical licensure compact under s. 448.980, directly or indirectly, for any expenses incurred in conducting any investigation under s. 448.980 (5) (b) 3.
Effective date note NOTE: Par. (d) is amended eff. 12-16-19 by 2015 Wis. Act 116 to read:
Effective date text (d) The department shall charge an applicant any fees, costs, or other expenses incurred in conducting any investigation under this subsection or s. 440.26.
440.03(14) (14)
440.03(14)(a)1.1. The department shall grant a certificate of registration as a music therapist to a person if all of the following apply:
440.03(14)(a)1.a. a. The person is certified, registered or accredited as a music therapist by the Certification Board for Music Therapists, National Music Therapy Registry, American Music Therapy Association or by another national organization that certifies, registers or accredits music therapists.
440.03(14)(a)1.b. b. The organization that certified, registered or accredited the person under subd. 1. a. is approved by the department.
440.03(14)(a)1.c. c. The person pays the initial credential fee determined by the department under s. 440.03 (9) (a) and files with the department evidence satisfactory to the department that he or she is certified, registered or accredited as required under subd. 1. a.
440.03(14)(a)2. 2. The department shall grant a certificate of registration as an art therapist to a person if all of the following apply:
2013-14 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2015 Wis. Act 392 and all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders effective on or before November 21, 2016. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after November 21, 2016 are designated by NOTES. (Published 11-21-16)