49.1455   Child support demonstration project.
49.146   Employer criteria.
49.147   Wisconsin works; work programs and job access loans.
49.1473   Wisconsin works; domestic abuse screening and training.
49.1475   Follow-up services.
49.148   Wisconsin works; wages and benefits.
49.149   Wisconsin works; education and training.
49.15   Wisconsin works; 2-parent families.
49.151   Wisconsin works; sanctions.
49.1515   Determining nonparticipation.
49.152   Review of agency decisions.
49.153   Notice before taking certain actions.
49.155   Wisconsin Shares; child care subsidy.
49.157   Wisconsin works; transportation assistance.
49.159   Wisconsin works; noncustodial and minor and other custodial parents.
49.161   Wisconsin works; overpayments.
49.162   Substance abuse screening and testing for certain work experience programs.
49.163   Transform Milwaukee Jobs program and Transitional Jobs program.
49.1635   Wisconsin Trust Account Foundation.
49.165   Domestic abuse grants.
49.167   Alcohol and other drug abuse treatment grant program.
49.169   Literacy grants.
49.175   Public assistance and local assistance allocations.
49.19   Aid to families with dependent children.
49.195   Recovery of aid to families with dependent children, Wisconsin Works benefits, and overpayments of emergency assistance.
49.197   Fraud investigation and reduction and error reduction.
49.22   Child and spousal support; establishment of paternity; medical liability.
49.225   Ordering genetic tests.
49.227   Program for publication of delinquent child support obligors.
49.24   Child support incentive payments.
49.25   Incentive payments for identifying children with health insurance.
49.255   Case management incentive payments.
49.26   Learnfare program.
49.265   Community action agencies.
49.27   Legal actions.
49.273   Research, investigations.
49.275   Cooperation with federal government.
49.29   Loss of eligibility.
49.32   Department; powers and duties.
49.325   County department budgets and contracts.
49.34   Purchase of care and services.
49.343   Rates for residential care centers, group homes, and child welfare agencies.
49.345   Cost of care and maintenance; liability; collection and deportation counsel; collections; court actions; recovery.
49.348   Recidivism reduction program.
49.35   Public assistance; supervisory functions of department.
49.36   Work experience program for noncustodial parents.
49.37   Offender reentry demonstration project.
49.38   Menominee Enterprises, Inc., bonds, acquisition.
49.385   No action against members of the Menominee Indian tribe in certain cases.
49.43   Definitions.
49.45   Medical assistance; administration.
49.452   Counting promissory notes as assets for certain Medical Assistance programs.
49.453   Divestment of assets.
49.454   Treatment of trust amounts.
49.455   Protection of income and resources of couple for maintenance of community spouse.
49.46   Medical assistance; recipients of social security aids.
49.463   Ineligibility for noncompliance with child support determinations and obligations.
49.465   Presumptive medical assistance eligibility.
49.468   Expanded medicare buy-in.
49.47   Medical assistance; medically indigent.
49.471   BadgerCare Plus.
49.472   Medical assistance purchase plan.
49.473   Medical assistance; women diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer or precancerous conditions.
49.475   Information about assistance program beneficiaries; electronic submission of claims.
49.48   Denial, nonrenewal and suspension of certification of service providers based on certain delinquency in payment.
49.485   False claims.
49.49   Medical assistance offenses.
49.493   Benefits under uninsured health plans.
49.496   Recovery of correct medical assistance payments.
49.497   Recovery of incorrect Medical Assistance or Badger Care payments and of unpaid employer penalties.
49.498   Requirements for skilled nursing facilities.
49.499   Nursing facility resident protection.
49.66   Definitions.
49.665   Badger care.
49.68   Aid for treatment of kidney disease.
49.682   Recovery from estates; disease aids and funeral expenses.
49.683   Cystic fibrosis aids.
49.685   Hemophilia treatment services.
49.686   AZT and pentamidine reimbursement program.
49.687   Disease aids; patient requirements; rebate agreements; cost containment.
49.688   Prescription drug assistance for elderly persons.
49.70   County home; establishment.
49.703   County homes; commitments; admissions.
49.71   County hospitals; establishment.
49.713   County hospitals; admissions.
2015-16 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2017 Wis. Act 273 and all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders effective on or before April 14, 2018. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after April 14, 2018 are designated by NOTES. (Published 4-14-18)