66.0201   Incorporation of villages and cities; purpose and definitions.
66.0203   Procedure for incorporation of villages and cities.
66.0205   Standards to be applied by the circuit court.
66.0207   Standards to be applied by the board.
66.0209   Review of incorporation-related orders and decisions.
66.0211   Incorporation referendum procedure.
66.0213   Powers of new village or city: elections; adjustment of taxes; reorganization as village.
66.0215   Incorporation of certain towns adjacent to 1st class cities.
66.02162   Incorporation of certain towns contiguous to 3rd class cities or villages.
66.0217   Annexation initiated by electors and property owners.
66.0219   Annexation by referendum initiated by city or village.
66.0221   Annexation of and creation of town islands.
66.0223   Annexation of territory owned by a city or village.
66.0225   Stipulated boundary agreements in contested boundary actions.
66.0227   Detachment of territory.
66.0229   Consolidation.
66.0230   Town consolidation with a city or village.
66.0231   Notice of certain litigation affecting municipal status or boundaries.
66.0233   Town participation in actions to test alterations of town boundaries.
66.0235   Adjustment of assets and liabilities on division of territory.
66.0301   Intergovernmental cooperation.
66.0303   Municipal interstate cooperation.
66.0304   Conduit revenue bonds.
66.0305   Political subdivision revenue sharing.
66.0307   Boundary change pursuant to approved cooperative plan.
66.0309   Creation, organization, powers and duties of regional planning commissions.
66.0311   Intergovernmental cooperation in financing and undertaking housing projects.
66.0312   Local health departments; mutual assistance.
66.03125   Fire departments; mutual assistance.
66.0313   Law enforcement; mutual assistance.
66.0314   State of emergency; mutual assistance.
66.0315   Municipal cooperation; federal rivers, harbors or water resources projects.
66.0316   Renew Wisconsin performance review.
66.0317   Cooperation region.
66.0401   Regulation relating to solar and wind energy systems.
66.0403   Solar and wind access permits.
66.0404   Mobile tower siting regulations.
66.0405   Removal of rubbish.
66.0406   Radio broadcast service facility regulations.
66.0407   Noxious weeds.
66.0408   Regulation of occupations.
66.0409   Local regulation of weapons.
66.0410   Local regulation of ticket reselling.
66.0411   Sound-producing devices; impoundment; seizure and forfeiture.
66.0412   Local regulation of real estate brokers, brokerage services.
66.0413   Razing buildings.
66.0415   Offensive industry.
66.0417   Local enforcement of certain food and health regulations.
66.0418   Prohibition of local regulation of certain foods, beverages.
66.0419   Local regulation of auxiliary containers.
66.0420   Video service.
66.0421   Access to video service.
66.0422   Video service, telecommunications, and broadband facilities.
66.0423   Transient merchants.
66.0425   Privileges in streets.
66.0427   Open excavations in populous counties.
66.0429   Street barriers; neighborhood watch signs.
66.0431   Prohibiting operators from leaving keys in parked motor vehicles.
66.0433   Licenses for nonintoxicating beverages.
66.0435   Manufactured and mobile home communities.
66.0436   Certificates of food protection practices for restaurants.
66.0437   Drug disposal programs.
66.0438   Limitations on locally issued identification cards.
66.0439   Environmental, occupational health, and safety credentials.
66.0501   Eligibility for office.
66.05015   Background investigation.
66.0502   Employee residency requirements prohibited.
66.0503   Combination of municipal offices.
66.0504   Address confidentiality program.
66.0505   Compensation of governing bodies.
66.0506   Referendum; increase in employee wages.
66.0507   Automatic salary schedules.
66.0508   Collective bargaining.
66.0509   Civil service system; veterans preference.
66.0510   Benefits to officers, employees, agents.
66.0511   Law enforcement agency policies on use of force and citizen complaint procedures.
66.0513   Police, pay when acting outside county or municipality.
66.0515   Receipts for fees.
66.0517   Weed commissioner.
66.0518   Defined benefit pension plans.
2015-16 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2017 Wis. Act 367 and all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders effective prior to November 13, 2018. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after November 13, 2018 are designated by NOTES. (Published 11-13-18)