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Administrative review
Appeals of town decisions: Chapter 68 Administrative review of town determinations
All-terrain vehicles
All-terrain vehicles and routes for: 23.33 All-terrain vehicle [and utility terrain vehicle] route ordinance
Alcohol regulation, generally
License application forms: Chapter 125 Department of Revenue alcohol license application forms
License fee schedule, establishing: Chapter 125 Ordinance establishing schedule of fees for alcohol related licenses
License, refusal to issue; notice: 125.12 (3m) Notice of refusal to issue license
License transfer, person to person: 125.04 (12) (b) Transfer of license from person to person
License transfer, place to place: 125.04 (12) (a) Transfer of license from place to place
Local regulation of retail establishments: 125.10 Alcohol control ordinance
Operator's license, application: 125.17 Application for operator's license
Operator's license, form: 125.17 Operator's license to sell alcohol beverages
Reserve “Class B” license transfer by town: 125.51 (4) (e) Resolution granting request for transfer of reserve “Class B” license to other municipality
Reserve “Class B” license transfer to town: 125.51 (4) (e) Resolution and request for transfer of reserve “Class B” license to town
Retail license, fermented malt beverages; off-premises consumption: 125.25 Retailer's Class “A" license, fermented malt beverages
Retail license, fermented malt beverages, on-premises consumption: 125.26 Retailer's Class “B" license, fermented malt beverages
Retail license, intoxicating liquor; off-premises consumption: 125.51 (2) Retail “Class A" intoxicating liquor license
Retail license, intoxicating liquor; on-premises consumption: 125.51 (3) Retail “Class B" intoxicating liquor license
Retail license, intoxicating liquor; on- and off-premises consumption; authorization: 125.51 (3) (b) Ordinance allowing sales of alcohol in closed containers by “Class B" license holders
Retail license, wine; on-premises consumption: 125.51 (3m) Retail “Class C" wine license
Revocation, suspension or nonrenewal of license; notice to license holder: 125.12 (2), (3) Notice of nonrenewal, revocation, or suspension of license
Revocation, suspension or nonrenewal of license; order: 125.12 (2), (3) Order nonrenewing, revoking, or suspending license
Revocation or suspension of license; complaint against license holder, form: 125.12 (2) (ag) Complaint for revocation or suspension of license
Summons of license holder on complaint: 125.12 (2) (ar) Summons
Temporary license, fermented malt beverages; on-premises consumption: 125.26 (6) Temporary Class “B" license, fermented malt beverages for particular gathering or picnic
Temporary license, intoxicating liquor license for gathering or picnic: 125.51 (10) Temporary “Class B” intoxicating liquor license for particular gathering or picnic.
Amusement centers
Regulation: 60.23 (10) Amusement center license ordinance
Animals, generally see also Livestock
Dog license tax; authorization, schedule: 174.05 Resolution and ordinance to raise dog license tax
Dog licensing and control: 60.23 (30) Dog licensing and control ordinance
Exotic and wild, regulation: 169.43 Harmful and exotic wild animal ordinance
Humane officer, authorization: 173.03, 173.27 Resolution and ordinance for appointment of humane officer and officers for hearing appeals
Animals at large and strays
At large, notice to owner: 172.02 Notice of animal at large
At large, notice when owner unknown: 172.03, 172.08 Notice of animal at large if owner unknown
Distrained animal doing damage, appraisal of damage; certificate: 172.52 Appraisers' certificate
Distrained animal doing damage, notice to owner: 172.51 Notice to owner of animals distrained doing damage
Distrained animal doing damage, sale; notice: 172.55 Notice of sale of animals by sheriff or constable
Stray, appraisal, chairperson's certificate: 170.03 Certificate of appraisal of stray
Stray, charges to owner for keeping stray; chairperson's determination: 170.04 Decision as to amount of charges for keeping a stray
Stray, finder's notice to clerk of finding: 170.02 Notice of finding stray
Unclaimed stray, sale; notice of: 170.05 Notice of sale when stray not reclaimed
Unclaimed stray, sale; statement of finder's charges: 170.05 Statement of finder's charges
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Alcohol: see Alcohol
Nonintoxicating, sale license; form: 66.0433 License for sale of nonintoxicating beverages
Nonintoxicating, sale license; granting: 66.0433 Order granting licenses for sale of nonintoxicating beverages
Board see also Meetings, Officers
Five-member, creation: 60.21 (1) Ordinance to create 5-member town board
Boating regulation: 30.77 Town regulation of boating
Wharves and piers: see Lakes, Rivers
Bonds and borrowing see Finances
Boundaries and territory
Cooperative boundary agreement information: 66.0301 (6) Cooperative Boundary Agreements
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