293.85 History History: 1995 a. 227 s. 750, 994.
293.86 293.86 Visitorial powers of department. Any duly authorized officer, employe or representative of the department may enter and inspect any property, premises or place on or at which any prospecting or metallic mining operation or facility is located or is being constructed or installed at any reasonable time for the purpose of ascertaining the state of compliance with this chapter and chs. 281, 285, 289 to 292, 295 and 299 and rules adopted pursuant thereto. No person may refuse entry or access to any such authorized representative of the department who requests entry for purposes of inspection, and who presents appropriate credentials, nor may any person obstruct, hamper or interfere with any such inspection. The department shall furnish to the prospector or operator, as indicated in the prospecting or mining permit, a written report setting forth all observations, relevant information and data which relate to compliance status.
293.86 History History: 1995 a. 227 s. 404.
293.87 293.87 Enforcement; penalties.
293.87(1) (1) All orders issued, fines incurred, bond liabilities incurred or other violations committed under this chapter shall be enforced by the department of justice. The circuit court of Dane county or any other county where the violation occurred shall have jurisdiction to enforce this chapter or any orders issued or rules adopted thereunder, by injunctional or other appropriate relief.
293.87(2) (2) Any person who makes or causes to be made in an application or report required by this chapter a statement known to the person to be false or misleading in any material respect or who refuses to file an annual report under s. 293.53 (2) (a) or who refuses to submit information required by the prospecting or mining permit may be fined not less than $1,000 nor more than $5,000. If the false or misleading statement is material to the issuance of the permit, the permit may be revoked. If any violation under this subsection is repeated the permit may be revoked.
293.87(3) (3) Any person holding a prospecting or mining permit who violates this chapter or any order issued or rule adopted under this chapter shall forfeit not less than $10 nor more than $10,000 for each violation. Each day of violation is a separate offense. If the violations continue after an order to cease has been issued, the permit shall be revoked.
293.87(4) (4)
293.87(4)(a)(a) Except for the violations enumerated in subs. (2) and (3), any person who violates this chapter or any rule promulgated or any plan approval, license or special order issued under this chapter shall forfeit not less than $10 nor more than $5,000 for each violation. Each day of continued violation is a separate offense. While an order is suspended, stayed or enjoined, this penalty does not accrue.
293.87(4)(b) (b) In addition to the penalties provided under par. (a), the court may award the department of justice the reasonable and necessary expenses of the investigation and prosecution of the violation, including attorney fees. The department of justice shall deposit in the state treasury for deposit into the general fund all moneys that the court awards to the department or the state under this paragraph. Ten percent of the money deposited in the general fund that was awarded under this paragraph for the costs of investigation and the expenses of prosecution, including attorney fees, shall be credited to the appropriation account under s. 20.455 (1) (gh).
293.87 History History: 1973 c. 318; 1977 c. 421; 1995 a. 227 s. 796, 994; Stats. 1995 s. 293.87.
293.89 293.89 Citizen suits.
293.89(1)(1) Except as provided in sub. (2), any citizen may commence a civil action on his or her own behalf:
293.89(1)(a) (a) Against any person who is alleged to be in violation of this chapter.
293.89(1)(b) (b) Against the department where there is alleged to be a failure of the department to perform any act or duty under this chapter which is not discretionary with the department.
293.89(2) (2) No action may be commenced:
293.89(2)(a) (a) Under sub. (1) (a):
293.89(2)(a)1. 1. Prior to 30 days after the plaintiff has given notice of the alleged violation to the department and to the alleged violator; or
293.89(2)(a)2. 2. If the department has commenced and is diligently prosecuting a civil or criminal action, but in any such action any citizen may intervene as a matter of right.
293.89(2)(b) (b) Under sub. (1) (b) prior to 30 days after the plaintiff has given notice of such action to the department.
293.89(3) (3) The court, in issuing any final order in any action brought under this section, shall award costs of litigation including reasonable attorney and expert witness fees to the plaintiff if he or she prevails, and the court may do so if it determines that the outcome of the controversy is consistent with the relief sought by the plaintiff irrespective of the formal disposition of the civil action. In addition, the court shall award treble damages to any plaintiff proving damages caused by a person mining without a permit or wilfully violating this chapter or any permits or orders issued under this chapter.
293.89(4) (4) Nothing in this section restricts any right which any person or class of persons may have under any other statute or common law.
293.89 History History: 1977 c. 421; 1995 a. 227 s. 797; Stats. 1995 s. 293.89.
293.91 293.91 Nonconforming sites.
293.91(1)(1) All prospectors and operators conducting mining operations in this state on July 3, 1974 shall submit to the department, within 90 days after that date, applications for prospecting permits or mining permits as provided in ss. 293.35 and 293.37. Sections 293.13 (1) (b) and 293.49 (2) shall not apply to such operators.
293.91(2) (2) Modification of existing prospecting and mining sites and of operating procedures to conform with this chapter and rules adopted under this chapter shall be accomplished as promptly as possible, but the department shall give special consideration to a site where it finds that the degree of necessary improvement is of such extent and expense that compliance cannot be accomplished.
293.91 History History: 1973 c. 318; 1977 c. 421; 1995 a. 227 s. 794; Stats. 1995 s. 293.91.
293.93 293.93 Effect of other statutes. If there is a standard under other state or federal statutes or rules which specifically regulates in whole an activity also regulated under this chapter the other state or federal statutes or rules shall be the controlling standard. If the other state or federal statute or rule only specifically regulates the activity in part, it shall only be controlling as to that part.
293.93 History History: 1977 c. 421; 1995 a. 227 s. 798; Stats. 1995 s. 293.93.
293.95 293.95 Review. Any person aggrieved by any decision of the department under this chapter may obtain its review under ch. 227.
293.95 History History: 1973 c. 318; 1977 c. 421; 1995 a. 227 s. 799; Stats. 1995 s. 293.95.
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