70.01 General property taxes; upon whom levied.
70.02 Definition of general property.
70.03 Definition of real property.
70.04 Definition of personal property.
70.043 Mobile homes.
70.045 Taxation district defined.
70.05 Valuation of property; assessors in cities, towns and villages.
70.055 Expert assessment help.
70.06 Assessments, where made; first class city districts; assessors; appointment, removal.
70.07 Functions of board of assessors in first class cities.
70.075 Functions of board of assessors in cities of the 2nd class.
70.08 Assessment district.
70.09 Official real property lister; forms for officers.
70.095 Assessment roll; time-share property.
70.10 Assessment, when made, exemption.
70.105 Assessment freeze.
70.11 Property exempted from taxation.
70.111 Personal property exempted from taxation.
70.112 Property exempted from taxation because of special tax.
70.113 State aid to municipalities; aids in lieu of taxes.
70.114 Aids on certain state lands equivalent to property taxes.
70.115 Taxation of real estate held by investment board.
70.119 Payments for municipal services.
70.12 Real property, where assessed.
70.13 Where personal property assessed.
70.14 Incorporated companies.
70.15 Assessment of vessels.
70.17 Lands, to whom assessed; buildings on exempt lands.
70.174 Improvements on government-owned land.
70.177 Federal property.
70.18 Personal property, to whom assessed.
70.19 Assessment, how made; liability and rights of representative.
70.20 Owner's liability when personalty assessed to another; action to collect.
70.21 Partnership; estates in hands of executor; personal property, how assessed.
70.22 Personal property being administered, how assessed.
70.23 Duties of assessors; entry of parcels on tax roll.
70.24 Public lands and land mortgaged to state.
70.25 Lands, described on rolls.
70.27 Assessor's plat.
70.28 Assessment as one parcel.
70.29 Personalty, how entered.
70.30 Aggregate values.
70.32 Real estate, how valued.
70.323 Assessment of divided parcel.
70.327 Valuation and assessment of property with contaminated wells.
70.337 Tax exemption reports.
70.339 Reporting requirements.
70.34 Personalty.
70.345 Legislative intent; department of revenue to supply information.
70.35 Taxpayer examined under oath or to submit return.
70.36 False statement; duty of district attorney.
70.365 Notice of higher assessment.
70.37 Net proceeds occupation tax on persons extracting metalliferous minerals in this state.
70.375 Net proceeds occupation tax on mining of metallic minerals; computation.
70.38 Reports, appeals, estimated liability.
70.385 Collection of the tax.
70.39 Collection of delinquent tax.
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