75.001 Definitions.
75.002 Timely payment.
75.01 Redemption.
75.03 Redeeming lands of minors, incompetents.
75.04 Redemption receipt and entries.
75.05 Disposition of redemption money.
75.06 Applicability of chapter to 1st class cities.
75.07 Redemption notices; publication.
75.09 Notice, how posted.
75.10 Mistake in notice.
75.11 Compensation of printer.
75.115 Rights of persons who have an interest in mineral rights.
75.12 Deed, notice of application for.
75.13 Filing affidavit.
75.14 Deeds, execution of; rights under; evidence.
75.143 Defer taking of tax deed.
75.144 Rights of persons claiming adverse possession.
75.145 Correction of description by action.
75.16 Deed, by whom executed; form.
75.19 Foreclosure of certificate.
75.195 Extended time for beginning tax foreclosure.
75.20 Limitations on certificates and issue of deeds; life of tax certificate liens.
75.22 Validity; immaterial errors.
75.23 Canceled deeds, certificates of county clerk.
75.24 Limitation, claims under illegal deed or certificate.
75.25 Lien of reassessed tax.
75.26 Limitation.
75.27 Limitation on former owner.
75.28 Application of all limitations.
75.285 Action; condition precedent.
75.29 Actions of ejectment, when barred.
75.30 Action by original owner where deed void, when barred.
75.31 "Possession" defined.
75.32 Taxation and sale of lands held by counties.
75.35 Sale of tax-deeded lands; purchase of adjacent lands.
75.36 County acquisition and sale of property.
75.365 Agreements as to delinquent taxes.
75.37 Waste on land subject to a tax certificate.
75.375 Waste on lands subject to a tax certificate; penalty.
75.39 Action to bar former owner.
75.40 Action, where and how brought.
75.41 Complaint.
75.42 Defense, answer.
75.43 Election to receive deposit; costs.
75.44 Release.
75.45 Deed as evidence.
75.46 Trial; defendant's interest.
75.47 Separate trials.
75.48 Effect of judgment.
75.49 Judgment for defendant.
75.50 Unknown owners.
75.52 Judgment a bar, when.
75.521 Foreclosure of tax liens by action in rem.
75.54 Reassessment of taxes by order of court.
75.55 Application of section 75.54.
75.61 Actions related to tax certificates.
75.62 Procedure in actions related to tax certificates.
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