21.01 Composition of national guard.
21.015 Department duties.
21.025 State defense force authorized.
21.03 Distribution of arms.
21.04 Camp Williams.
21.05 Term of enlistment; requirements.
21.06 Exemptions from certain county duties.
21.07 Decorations and awards.
21.09 Training; special schools; pay and allowances.
21.11 Call to active service.
21.12 Exemption from civil authority.
21.13 Defense of members of guard; payment of judgments.
21.15 Penalty for retention of military property.
21.155 Nondelivery of arms; resisting officer.
21.16 Penalty for unauthorized wearing of uniforms.
21.17 Encroachment on military areas and interference with military personnel.
21.18 Military staff of governor.
21.19 Adjutant general; powers and duties.
21.20 Civil service status.
21.21 Printing report of convention of officers.
21.25 Badger Challenge program.
21.26 Youth Challenge program.
21.28 United States property and fiscal officer.
21.30 Chief surgeons; powers and duties.
21.32 Physical examinations.
21.33 Pay department.
21.35 Federal laws and regulations; no discrimination.
21.36 National guard rules and regulations.
21.37 The Wisconsin code of military justice.
21.38 Uniform of Wisconsin national guard.
21.42 Status, powers and property of units.
21.43 Commissions and rank.
21.47 Examinations for promotion or appointments.
21.48 Pay.
21.49 Educational benefits.
21.50 Military property accountability.
21.51 Discharge of officers.
21.52 Authority to administer oaths.
21.54 Resignation of officer.
21.56 Lost and obsolete property.
21.57 Disposition of property on separation and death.
21.59 Issue of subsistence.
21.60 Discharge of enlistees.
21.61 Armories.
21.612 Transfer of lands for military purposes.
21.616 Facilities for administration and training.
21.62 Rules for issuance of state property to bands.
21.63 Grounds for mustering out of units.
21.70 Counter-drug activities.
21.01 21.01 Composition of national guard.
21.01(1) (1) The organized militia of this state shall be known as the "Wisconsin national guard" and shall consist of members appointed or enlisted therein in accordance with federal law or regulations governing or pertaining to the national guard.
21.01(2) (2) The Wisconsin national guard shall be organized into army national guard and air national guard units, and "national guard" when used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires, includes both the Wisconsin army national guard and the Wisconsin air national guard.
21.01 History History: 1975 c. 189; 1983 a. 27.
21.015 21.015 Department duties. The department of military affairs shall:
21.015(1) (1) Administer the national guard.
21.015(2) (2) Provide facilities for the national guard and any other support available from the appropriations under s. 20.465.
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