183.1207(3)(g) (g) Other provisions relating to the conversion, as determined by the business entity.
183.1207(4) (4) When a conversion is effective, all of the following shall occur:
183.1207(4)(a)1.1. Except with respect to taxation laws of each jurisdiction that are applicable upon the conversion of the business entity, the business entity that was converted is no longer subject to the applicable law of the jurisdiction that governed the organization of the prior form of business entity and is subject to the applicable law of the jurisdiction that governs the new form of business entity.
183.1207(4)(a)2. 2. If the conversion is from or to a business entity under the laws applicable to which one or more of the owners thereof is liable for the debts and obligations of such business entity, such owner or owners shall continue to be or become so liable for debts and obligations of such business entity, but only for such debts and obligations accrued during the period or periods in which such laws are applicable to such owner or owners. This subdivision does not affect liability under any taxation laws.
183.1207(4)(b) (b) The business entity continues to have all liabilities of the business entity that was converted.
183.1207(4)(c) (c) The business entity continues to be vested with title to all property owned by the business entity that was converted without reversion or impairment.
183.1207(4)(d) (d) The articles of incorporation, articles of organization, certificate of limited partnership, or other similar governing document, whichever is applicable, of the business entity are as provided in the plan of conversion.
183.1207(4)(e) (e) All other provisions of the plan of conversion apply.
183.1207(5) (5) After a plan of conversion is submitted and approved, the business entity that is to be converted shall deliver to the department for filing a certificate of conversion that includes all of the following:
183.1207(5)(a) (a) The plan of conversion.
183.1207(5)(b) (b) A statement that the plan of conversion was approved in accordance with the applicable law of the jurisdiction that governs the organization of the business entity.
183.1207(5)(bm) (bm) A statement indicating whether the business entity that is to be converted has a fee simple ownership interest in any Wisconsin real estate.
183.1207(5)(c) (c) The registered agent and registered office, record agent and record office, or other similar agent and office of the business entity before and after conversion.
183.1207(6) (6) Any civil, criminal, administrative, or investigatory proceeding that is pending by or against a business entity that is converted may be continued by or against the business entity after the effective date of conversion.
183.1207 History History: 2001 a. 44; 2005 a. 476.
183.1207 Annotation Next Economy Legislation: Allowing Complex Business Reorganizations. Boucher, Sosnowski, & Nichols. Wis. Law. Aug. 2002.
subch. XIII of ch. 183 SUBCHAPTER XIII
183.1301 183.1301 Execution by judicial act. Any person who is adversely affected by the failure or refusal of any person to execute and file any articles or other document to be filed under this chapter may petition the circuit court for the county in which the registered office of the limited liability company is located or, if no address is on file with the department, in the circuit court for Dane County, to direct the execution and filing of the articles or other document. If the court finds that it is proper for the articles or other document to be executed and filed and that there has been failure or refusal to execute and file the document, the court shall order the department to file the appropriate articles or other document.
183.1301 History History: 1993 a. 112; 1995 a. 27.
183.1302 183.1302 Rules of construction.
183.1302(1) (1) It is the policy of this chapter to give maximum effect to the principle of freedom of contract and to the enforceability of operating agreements.
183.1302(2) (2) Unless displaced by particular provisions of this chapter, the principles of law and equity supplement this chapter.
183.1302(3) (3) Rules that statutes in derogation of the common law are to be strictly construed do not apply to this chapter.
183.1302 History History: 1993 a. 112.
183.1303 183.1303 Securities law application. An interest in a limited liability company may be a security, as defined in ss. 551.02 (13) (b) and (c).
183.1303 History History: 1993 a. 112.
183.1305 183.1305 Interstate application. A limited liability company may conduct its business, carry on its operations and have and exercise the powers granted by this chapter in any state, territory, district or possession of the United States, or in any foreign jurisdiction.
183.1305 History History: 1993 a. 112.
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