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Wisconsin Legislative Council
Act Memo


2013 Wisconsin Act 5

[2013 Senate Bill 2]


Publication and Effective Dates of Acts


Act 5 modifies the establishment of a publication date for acts.  The Act removes the authority of the Secretary of State to designate the date of publication.  Instead, under the Act, the date of publication of an act that does not expressly prescribe an effective date is the day after the date of enactment.  The date of enactment is the day on which the Governor approves the bill, the day on which a veto by the Governor is overridden, or six days (excluding Sundays) after the Governor receives a bill from the Legislature and does not return it.

The Act requires the Legislative Reference Bureau to publish each act on its date of publication.

As under current law, an act’s effective date is the day after its date of publication.

Effective date:  Act 5 takes effect on March 28, 2013.

Prepared by:  Anne Sappenfield, Senior Staff Attorney

March 20, 2013