347.01   Words and phrases defined.
347.02   Applicability of chapter.
347.03   Sale of prohibited equipment unlawful.
347.04   Owner responsible for improperly equipped vehicle.
347.05   Reciprocity agreements as to equipment.
347.06   When lighted lamps required.
347.07   Special restrictions on lamps and the use thereof.
347.08   Determining the visibility distance and mounted height of lamps.
347.09   Headlamps on motor vehicles.
347.10   Headlamp specifications for motor vehicles other than mopeds and motor bicycles.
347.11   Headlamp specifications for mopeds and motor bicycles.
347.115   Modulating headlamps for motorcycles, motor bicycles or mopeds.
347.12   Use of multiple-beam headlamps.
347.13   Tail lamps and registration plate lamps.
347.14   Stop lamps.
347.145   Deceleration warning lights for motorcycles, motor bicycles, mopeds or motor buses.
347.15   Direction signal lamps or devices.
347.16   Clearance lamps and reflectors.
347.17   Color of clearance and marker lamps and reflectors.
347.18   Mounting of clearance lamps and reflectors.
347.19   Visibility of clearance lamps and reflectors.
347.20   Lamp or flag on projecting load or fixture.
347.21   Lamps and flags on trains of agricultural vehicles.
347.22   Lamps on farm tractors, self-propelled farm implements, and lightweight utility vehicles.
347.23   Lamps on highway maintenance equipment.
347.24   Lamps and reflectors on nonmotor vehicles and equipment.
347.245   Identification emblem on certain slow moving vehicles.
347.25   Special warning lamps on vehicles.
347.26   Restrictions on certain optional lighting equipment.
347.27   When lighted lamps required on parked vehicles.
347.28   Certain vehicles to carry flares or other warning devices.
347.29   Display of warning devices for certain vehicles when standing on highway.
347.30   Penalty for violating lighting equipment requirements.
347.35   Brakes.
347.36   Performance ability of brakes.
347.37   Brake fluid, sale regulation.
347.38   Horns and warning devices.
347.385   Auxiliary lamps on emergency vehicles; traffic control signal emergency preemption devices.
347.39   Mufflers.
347.40   Mirrors.
347.41   Speed indicators.
347.413   Ignition interlock device tampering; failure to install.
347.415   Odometer tampering.
347.417   Immobilization device tampering.
347.42   Windshield wipers.
347.43   Safety glass.
347.44   Painting requirements for school buses; restrictions as to painting of other vehicles.
347.445   Crossing gates for school buses.
347.447   Additional safety mirrors on school buses.
347.45   Tire equipment.
347.455   Modifications to height of vehicle.
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