DFI-CCS 10.03 DFI-CCS 10.03 Filing and service fees under s. 183.0114, Stats. The following filing and service fees shall apply under s. 183.0114, Stats.:
DFI-CCS 10.03(1) (1)Annual report of a foreign limited liability company submitted on paper: $80.
DFI-CCS 10.03(2) (2)For filing articles of organization for a limited liability company: $130 by authorized electronic means; $170 by paper.
DFI-CCS 10.03 History History: CR 02-068: cr. Register October 2002 No. 562, eff. 11-1-02.
DFI-CCS 10.04 DFI-CCS 10.04 Fees under s. 178.0120, Stats. The following fees apply under s. 178.0120, Stats.:
DFI-CCS 10.04(1) (1) For filing any of the following:
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(a) (a) Annual report for a domestic limited liability partnership: $25.
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(b) (b) Annual report for a foreign limited liability partnership: $65.
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(c) (c) Articles of conversion, domestication, interest exchange or merger: $150.
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(d) (d) Domestic statement of qualification: $100.
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(e) (e) Foreign registration statement: $100.
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(f) (f) Foreign transfer of registration: $50.
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(g) (g) Reinstatement after revocation: $100.
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(h) (h) Renewal application: $40.
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(i) (i) Statement of amendment, cancellation, change, correction, denial, dissociation, dissolution, renewal, rescission, termination or withdrawal: $40.
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(j) (j) Statement of partnership authority: $100.
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(k) (k) Amendment or cancellation of foreign registration statement: $40.
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(L) (L) Written application for reserved name or renewal of reserved name: $15.
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(m) (m) Notice of transfer of reserved or registered name: $10.
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(n) (n) Application for registered name or renewal of registered name: $50.
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(o) (o) Domestic or foreign limited liability partnership's statement of change of registered office: $10.
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(p) (p) Agent's statement of change of registered office: $10 for each affected domestic limited liability partnership, except if simultaneous filings are made the fee is reduced to $1 for each affected domestic or foreign limited liability partnership in excess of 200.
DFI-CCS 10.04(1)(q) (q) Agent's statement of resignation: $10.
DFI-CCS 10.04(2) (2) For obtaining a certificate of status: $10.
DFI-CCS 10.04(3) (3) In addition to any fee under this section, for expedited processing of any document or document request under this section:
DFI-CCS 10.04(3)(a) (a) Within 1 hour of receipt: $500.
DFI-CCS 10.04(3)(b) (b) Within 4 hours of receipt: $250.
DFI-CCS 10.04(3)(c) (c) By the end of the next business day: $25.
DFI-CCS 10.04(4) (4) In addition to any fee under this section, for filing in paper format a filing for which there is an online filing option: $15.
DFI-CCS 10.04 History History: CR 19-106: cr. Register March 2020 No. 771, eff. 4-1-20.
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