Register February 2018 No. 746
Chapter NR 15
NR 15.01   Year round game refuge.
NR 15.015   Waterfowl production areas.
NR 15.02   No entry wildlife refuge (Sept. 1-Dec. 31).
NR 15.022   No entry wildlife refuge except gun deer and muzzleloader deer (Sept. 1-Dec. 31).
NR 15.024   No entry wildlife refuge (Sept. 1-Dec. 31); gun deer and muzzleloader deer hunting permitted.
NR 15.026   No entry wildlife refuge (September 1 – November 30); gun deer and muzzleloader deer hunting permitted.
NR 15.03   No entry wildlife refuge, rookeries and special areas.
NR 15.04   Seasonal game refuge.
NR 15.10   Horicon marsh wildlife refuge.
NR 15.11   Horicon marsh fur farm.
NR 15.12   University arboretum.
NR 15.13   University bay and the university of Wisconsin arboretum.
NR 15.14   Ferry bluff state natural area.
NR 15.01 NR 15.01Year round game refuge. A game refuge is created in the following areas as posted with department signs and no person may hunt or trap upon such areas or have in possession or under control any gun or rifle unless the same are unloaded and enclosed within a carrying case, crossbow unless it is unloaded and enclosed within a carrying case, or any bow unless it is unstrung or enclosed within a carrying case. The loaded uncased firearm restriction of this section does not apply to a handgun possessed by a person who is authorized by law to possess a concealed handgun in Wisconsin.
NR 15.01(1) (1)Brown county.
NR 15.01(1)(a)(a) Bay Beach. Township 24 north, range 21 east, city of Green Bay. - See PDF for diagram PDF
NR 15.01(1)(b) (b) Suamico. Township 25 north, range 20 east, town of Suamico. - See PDF for diagram PDF
NR 15.01(2) (2)Burnett county.
NR 15.01(2)(a)(a) Crex Meadows. Township 39 north, range 18 west, town of West Marshland.
NR 15.01(3) (3)Chippewa county.
NR 15.01(3)(a)(a) Wissota. Township 29 north, range 7 west and township 29 north, range 8 west, town of Anson. - See PDF for diagram PDF
NR 15.01(5) (5)Dane county.
NR 15.01(5)(a)(a) Brandenburg. Township 8 north, range 8 east, town of Springfield. - See PDF for diagram PDF
NR 15.01(5)(d) (d) Madison School Forest. Township 6 north, range 8 east, town of Verona.
NR 15.01(5)(e) (e) University Bay. Township 7 north, range 9 east, town of Madison.
NR 15.01(6) (6)Dodge county.
NR 15.01(6)(a)(a) Astico Park. Township 10 north, range 13 east town of Elba. - See PDF for diagram PDF
NR 15.01(6)(b) (b) Horicon Ledge Park. Township 12 north, range 16 east, town of Williamstown.
NR 15.01(6)(c) (c) Horicon Public Schools. Township 11 north, range 16 east, town of  Hubbard.
NR 15.01(7) (7)Fond du lac county.
NR 15.01(7)(a)(a) Cedar Lake Youth Camp. Township 14 north, range 19 east, town of  Osceola.
NR 15.01(7)(b) (b) Mauthe Lake. Township 13 north, range 19 east, town of Auburn. - See PDF for diagram PDF
NR 15.01(7)(c) (c) South Woods Park. Township 16 north, range 14 east, town of Ripon.
NR 15.01(7)(d) (d) Eldorado Outdoor Education Center. Township 16 north, range 16 east, town of Eldorado.
NR 15.01(8) (8)Green lake county.
NR 15.01(8)(a)(a) Berlin. Township 17 north, range 12 east, town of Seneca.
NR 15.01(8)(b) (b) Maude R. Card estate. Township 14 north, range 13 east, town of Mackford.
NR 15.01(11) (11)La crosse county.
NR 15.01(11)(a)(a) Camp Decorah. Township 18 north, range 8 east, town of Holland.
NR 15.01(11)(b) (b) Camp Ehawee. Township 18 north, range 6 west, town of Farmington. - See PDF for diagram PDF
NR 15.01(12) (12)Manitowoc county.
NR 15.01(12)(a)(a) Point Beach state forest. Township 20 north, range 25 east, town of Two Rivers.
NR 15.01(13) (13)Ozaukee county.
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