Register January 2024 No. 817
Chapter NR 811

NR 811.01   Applicability.
NR 811.02   Definitions.
NR 811.03   Alternative requirements.
NR 811.04   Drinking water standards.
NR 811.05   Underground placement of substances.
NR 811.06   Cross-connections and interconnections.
NR 811.07   Interconnections with other acceptable water sources.
Subchapter I — Submission of Plans
NR 811.08   General requirements.
NR 811.09   Specific requirements for waterworks, plans, specifications and engineering reports.
NR 811.10   Owner approval requirement.
NR 811.11   Resident project representative.
Subchapter II — Source Development — Groundwater
NR 811.12   Wells.
NR 811.13   Well filling and sealing.
NR 811.14   Special requirements for wells developed in unconsolidated formations.
NR 811.15   Special requirements for collector wells.
NR 811.16   Special requirements for dug wells and springs.
NR 811.17   Special requirements for infiltration lines.
NR 811.18   Special requirements for sandstone wells.
NR 811.19   Special requirements for limestone or dolomite wells.
NR 811.20   Special requirements for granite wells.
Subchapter III — Source Development — Surface Water
NR 811.21   General requirements.
NR 811.22   Intakes.
NR 811.23   Shore wells.
NR 811.231   Off-Stream raw water storage.
NR 811.232   Intake chemical treatment.
Subchapter IV — Pumping Stations, Pumphouses, and Water Treatment Plant Buildings
NR 811.24   General requirements.
NR 811.25   Buildings.
NR 811.26   Number of pumping units.
NR 811.27   Auxiliary power.
NR 811.28   Additional requirements.
Subchapter V — Pumping Equipment and Appurtenances
NR 811.29   Pumping capacity requirements.
NR 811.30   General pump, motor and wiring installation requirements.
NR 811.31   Line-shaft vertical turbine pumps.
NR 811.32   Submersible vertical turbine pumps.
NR 811.33   Motor protection.
NR 811.34   Pump variable output control devices.
NR 811.35   Pitless units.
NR 811.36   Well appurtenances.
NR 811.37   Pump discharge lines.
Subchapter VI — Chemical Addition
NR 811.38   General.
NR 811.39   Feed equipment.
NR 811.40   Storage and handling.
Subchapter VII — Treatment
NR 811.41   General treatment design.
NR 811.42   Treatment of water from surface water sources.
NR 811.43   Treatment of water from groundwater sources.
NR 811.44   Pilot testing.
NR 811.45   Aeration.
NR 811.46   Arsenic removal.
NR 811.47   Clarification.
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