REEB 25.02(2)(h)3.c. c. "Restraint of trade" requirement.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)3.d. d. Compensation and "prices" which have been fixed.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)3.e. e. Situations creating inferences of price fixing.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)3.f. f. How to respond to antitrust situations.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)3.g. g. Elements same as price fixing — conspiracy and restraint of trade.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)3.h. h. Situations creating inference of boycott.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)3.i. i. Good boycotts: sanctions necessary to enforce reasonable industry self regulation.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)4. 4. Complaint handling procedures.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)4.a. a. Consumer satisfaction.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)4.b. b. Liability avoidance.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)4.c. c. Feedback on fair housing or other law violations.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)4.d. d. Prevent complaint through education.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)4.e. e. Document the complaint handling program in policy and procedures manual.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)4.f. f. Inform the parties of the complaint handling program.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)4.g. g. Dispute resolution systems.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)5. 5. Environmental factors.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)5.a. a. Underground storage tanks: registration and closure.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)5.b. b. Asbestos.
REEB 25.02(2)(h) cm. Lead-based paint.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)5.d. d. Procedures for "high risk" properties.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)5.e. e. Wetlands and floodplain.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)6. 6. Education buyers and sellers.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)6.a. a. Property inspection and disclosure of defects.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)6.b. b. Earnest money procedures.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)6.c. c. Licensees' responsibilities and expertise.
REEB 25.02(2)(h)6.d. d. Utilizing third party experts.
REEB 25.02(2)(i) (i) Specialty areas.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)1.1. Property management.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)1.a. a. Management contracts.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)1.b. b. Insurance liability.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)1.c. c. Security deposits.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)1.d. d. Breach of lease.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)1.e. e. Property inspections.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)1.f. f. Tenant and landlord rights and obligations — ch. ATCP 134.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)1.g. g. Rules regarding negotiating leases.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)2. 2. Business opportunities.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)2.a. a. Special expertise and licensing requirements — s. REEB 24.03.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)2.b. b. Approved forms.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)2.c. c. Bulk sales law.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)3. 3. Selling specialized properties as a brokerage activity.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)4. 4. Alternative marketing methods.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)4.a. a. Exchanges.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)4.b. b. Installment sales.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)4.c. c. Syndication.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)4.d. d. Cooperatives.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)5. 5. Mortgage banking.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)5.a. a. Definition of mortgage banker, loan originator, loan solicitor.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)5.b. b. When separate registration is needed.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)5.c. c. Legality of referral fees, "Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act."
REEB 25.02(2)(i)6. 6. Real estate appraisal.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)6.a. a. Definition.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)6.b. b. When separate certification is needed.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)7.a. a. Specialized forms.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)8. 8. Auctions.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)8.a. a. Auctioneer requires real estate license to call auction of real estate.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)9. 9. Mobile homes.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)9.a. a. When a real estate license or separate license is required.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)10. 10. Time-share.
REEB 25.02(2)(i)10.a. a. Familiarity with ch. 707, Stats., when selling time-shares.
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REEB 25.025 REEB 25.025Satisfaction of broker's educational requirements by out-of-state applicants.
REEB 25.025(1) (1) An applicant who has held an active real estate broker's license in another licensing jurisdiction within the 2 year period prior to filing an application for an original real estate broker's license in Wisconsin may satisfy the broker's educational requirements of s. REEB 25.02 (1) by submitting evidence of one of the following:
REEB 25.025(1)(a) (a) Completion of the educational programs under sub. (2) and s. REEB 25.035 (2) at a school approved by the board under s. REEB 25.05 or 25.06.
REEB 25.025(1)(b) (b) Satisfaction of the requirements in s. REEB 25.02 (1) (b) or (c).
REEB 25.025(2) (2) The contents of the educational program under this subsection shall include all of the following and shall be designed so that if the educational program were presented as classroom education, it would be presented in no less than 3 hours:
REEB 25.025(2)(a) (a) Broker-only contracts and contract issues.
REEB 25.025(2)(a)1.1. Reynolds v. Dinger, 14 Wis. 2d 193.
REEB 25.025(2)(a)2. 2. State bar forms — s. REEB 16.03 (1).
REEB 25.025(2)(a)3. 3. Uniform commercial code forms — s. REEB 16.03 (1).
REEB 25.025(2)(a)4. 4. Forms used in other states.
REEB 25.025(2)(a)5. 5. Developing forms and contingency manual.
REEB 25.025(2)(a)6. 6. Supervising salespersons' use of approved forms.
REEB 25.025(2)(a)7. 7. Commercial real estate broker's commission lien — s. 779.32, Stats.
REEB 25.025(2)(b) (b) Miscellaneous Wisconsin laws.
REEB 25.025(2)(b)1.1. Change of name, address or trade name — ch. REEB 23.
REEB 25.025(2)(b)2. 2. Trust accounts — s. 452.13, Stats., and ch. REEB 18.
REEB 25.025(2)(b)2.a. a. Procedure to open trust account.
REEB 25.025(2)(b)2.b. b. Authorization to sign trust account checks.
REEB 25.025(2)(b)2.c. c. Bookkeeping system.
REEB 25.025(2)(b)3. 3. Policy manual — s. REEB 17.08.
REEB 25.025(2)(c) (c) Review, update or more in-depth coverage of any of the contents of the salesperson's educational course in s. REEB 25.035 (2).
REEB 25.025 History History: Cr. Register, July, 1997, No. 499, eff. 8-1-97; am. (1) (intro.), (a), (b), (2) (intro.), (a), (b) (intro.) and (c), cr. (2) (a) 7., Register, August, 1999, No. 524, eff. 9-1-99; correction in (1) (intro.), (a), (b), (2) (a) 2., 3., (b) 1., 2. (intro.), 3., (c) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 6., 7., Stats., Register November 2011 No. 671.
REEB 25.03 REEB 25.03 Educational requirements of applicant for an original real estate salesperson's license.
REEB 25.03(1)(1) General requirements. Each applicant for an original real estate salesperson's license shall present evidence of attendance, within 5 years before application for a license, at the educational program in sub. (3), which has been approved by the board in accordance with s. REEB 25.05 or 25.06.
REEB 25.03(2) (2)Ten semester-hour waiver. The educational requirement in sub. (1) is not required of an applicant who submits proof that the applicant has received 10 semester hour credits in real estate or real estate related law courses at an accredited institution of higher education. A quarter hour credit equals 2/3 of a semester hour credit.
REEB 25.03(3) (3)Salesperson's pre-license program. The educational program for applicants for an original real estate salesperson's license shall cover all of the following topics and shall be designed so that if the educational program were presented as classroom education, it would be presented in no less than 72 hours:
REEB 25.03(3)(a) (a) Real property.
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